Apparently DateHookUP is going down

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If you're from that website, welcome to Totseans, feel free to chill out and make yourself at home. You can make threads and get others to come in, up to you.


  • Thanks, admin. We’re all so lost at the moment. 😓☺️
  • yup the forums there were amazing a few years ago, so sad its chuting down, lots of us will be coming here, :)
  • I haven't been able to create a profile on Dh in years, but that hasn't stopped me from reading in the forums. Thank goodness I checked in yesterday for the first time in a while, and wrote down all these alternative refugee sites because now Dh won't let me back on at all!
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    Look as long as you don't spam, or do something illegal. You're all welcome, bring more if you like, I am open to suggestions and if you want a section just for dating or meeting new people, I can make it work. I can transform one section, so you can do your dating stuff and have fun with it.
  • DfgDfg Admin

    It won't let me connect

    Your connection is not private
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

  • Did the layout just change or what? Please change it back or I'm out.
    Fuck this shit.
  • Dfg, that's what it says when i try to get to Dh site. Is it the same for you too? I guess it's completely over for me now, and I wanted to read some last stuff b4 it shut down, ahh
  • Just click on advanced and click go to site. You can still get to it.

    As far as your pic on you need to edit the pixel count to 75.
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