Nexafed extraction

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    Nexafed uses a polymer matrix that forms a thick gel when hydrated, preventing the extraction of pseudoephedrine. Sorry no Goya
  • ok... so dont hydrate it go anhydrous...

    Can't say no goya when there is obviously goya

    "If man made it man can break it"

    How about steam distilling with dry acetone, for example?
  • max_californiamax_california PIC Facilitator
    Polymer matrix....acetone won’t work
    Specifically engineered nexefed so pseudoephedrine cannot be extracted
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    Catalytic converter was specifically engineered to control vehicle emissions, but its just a useless fire hazard impacting your performance. Pretty sure the governnment mandated them in vehicles for the sole purpose of collecting driving dues for not having one (or having one that is malfunctioning, which is common go figure). Better off not having one in there, fuck the government theres enough fire hazard in a car without that hydrocarbon generator/storehouse (UNLESS you are one of those uber-high compression engine guys that actually benefits from the pressure that it provides, i must be fair there is theoretically a use for it other than starting a fire). Theres a smell when you drive around without one, its easily noticeable, so you would get busted for not having one because of that smell.

    We just learned to shut the engine off IMMEDIATELY upon getting pulled over, fuck that shit, this isnt even opinion its proven fact

    You honestly think because this was the intent that it cannot be done?

    Zephrex-D can be extracted, trust me, DEA got it put back behind the counter because the "tamper-proof" got tampered.

    Actually sounds more like youre just trying to deter me from finding the answer, man whatever your goal is take it outside ill search under every rock on this earth for an answer (even totseans). Its out theres ALWAYS a way

    So please, if you dont have a solution, dont comment, it can be done
  • max_californiamax_california PIC Facilitator
    Yes I’m trying to “deter you”

    I’m a pharmaceutical chemist by trade but wtf do I know

    Figure it out for yourself 👊⚗️
  • At least you admit it!

    Would certainly hurt the trade if you were to tell me

    Oh bother! It would appear that i had a dream

    In this dream it was successfully extracted using steam distillation

    Gas chromatography confirmed

    31% yield though... improvements would have to be made

    Oh well, at least it was only a dream
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