Snb in a Vacuum Chamber? How terrible could this turn out

I found a legit vacuum chamber rummaging at a yard sale, my line of thinking is getting a 500ml or 1000ml SS bottle and get a run rolling. toss into the vac chamber and throw it into a vacuum with a check valve to hold it. Would this help the nh3 go anhydrous at a lower psi. the only fault i can find is releasing from vacuum and the bottle is presented with the actual pressure, failure may occur, also burping would be difficult so your weights would have to be close..

any thoughts? I'm modding a 12v air compressor into a vac as we speak, i just dont want to level the farm with an explosion and would like to get other viewpoints.



  • yeah, now that i woke up a bit i realize i was thinking backwards. maybe after i get done fooling with the chamber, i'll pack it into the forest and see what it does. the chamber is cool though, i wonder what else i could get into with it
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