Water washing np solvent before gassing

edited December 2018 in Spurious Generalities
So the real question is if I wanted to clean my np solvent either before it is used in my reaction or after when I am ready to gas (or maybe I decide to do both)

wouldn’t I need to dry it before it is used in my reaction? (due to the fact h2o is a big no no when it comes to snb)

Also if I chose to do the wash after my reaction before I am ready to gas wouldn’t I also need to dry it? (Due to the fact that my product is VERY water soluble and could definitely hurt my yield if h2o is present)

I have seen where some recommend doing these washes but I don’t see them recommending drying afterwards...Anyone with experience when it comes to doing washes with a snb and gassing method your advice would be greatly appreciated


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