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Hi everyone, I am a new bee and about to write my story. My question is about the solvents to be used, You talk a lot about Colman petrol back home in France We find alcohol burned that may be similar to Colman petrol but I can’t find the composition of Colman petrol in order to compare. Here is the chemical composition of the alcohol burned My question: Can I use it as a solvent? Secondly, I only found lithium batteries of Vartta brand, can this quil do the job or does it necessarily need Energizer batteries? Thank you


  • Well in any story I have ever written the character uses Hexan and Ether or just one of those. The Coleman's you talk of. Is just white gas or naptha. Coleman's is a name brand and they make both. Try having your character in your next story use ether(from washed starting fluid) or straight Hexan (from electrical parts cleaner). Any other questions please feel free to PM me.
  • Merci de votre réponse, je suis de France et Colman se trouve pas dans nos magasins mais alcool a brûler oui et celui-ci me paraît similaire à Colman..Breff dans mon rêve l abeille utilisera Hexan ou Ether
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