Reclaiming Product from Filters

So I've always saved my coffee filters (the ones used to filter my final product), and utilized the following method to extract every last bit of the good shit from them. It's a simple procedure, but I'm sure someone might benefit from this. I usually dream about 3 boxes per cook, and what I get from this technique always ends up being between .5 and 1g. That's definitely worth saving!

1) take your used coffee filters, fold them in 1/4s and place them into a sandwich sized Ziploc baggie.
2) add about 4mL of distilled water to the baggie, and make sure it soaks all of the filters
3) put a plate on an electric stove/hotplate, and turn the heat up to between 2-3.
4) snip a corner of the baggie and drain all the water onto the plate. Wring out every possible drop
5) evaporate all the water out of the solution, leaving behind a lovely crystalline coating on the plate.
6) use a card or razor to scrape it all into a pile, and enjoy.

Again, this might be common sense to most, but I'm sure someone will get some use from it.


  • Use a large syringe the kind you get at farm supply store biggest u can get put them in that and draw up hot isopropyl alcohol then put in your glass plate
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