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How long will mushrooms submerged in lemon juice last? My friend was going to dose today but I mentioned tolerance and it's been 5 days since the last time we tripped so I said to wait atleast a week to be on the safe side.

He had already submerged the shrooms in lemon juice when I had told him about tolerance.

I need to know of a good way to preserve the psilocin for atleast two days.

Put it in the freezer? What can my friend do?


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    I don't know the specifics of Lemon Tek or even much about Mushrooms in general, but in general, refrigeration is always good to preserve something or to slow a reaction.
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    I just want to know how well the psilocin will fair out sitting in a ph of 2.3 acidity.
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    I just want to know how well the psilocin will fair out sitting in a ph of 2.3 acidity.

    I have read that Psilocin only begins to degrade at a pH of about 7 or higher.

    EDIT: 7, not 7.2.

    Citation: http://www.erowid.org/archive/rhodium/pdf/psilocybin.biosynthesis-2.pdf

    This is from a 1968 textbook, but I suspect it's reliable nonetheless.
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    In my several experiences with the lemon method, fasting for 30+ hours, the experience was mind-blowing. I have no doubt that the lemon method works, but here's why I think, based on my understanding, you should never let the mixture sit for more that a few seconds:

    Psilocybin is not, itself, what causes you to trip, but psilocybin degrades into psilocin, which causes the trip. Psilocybin is more stable, and has a longer shelf life than psilocin, and will stay viable in the mushroom flesh for extended periods; psilocin will not. The acid in the lemon juice starts degrading the psilocybin into psilocin before you even drink it, and psilocin is directly absorbed into your bloodstream. Soaking the shroom dust in lemon juice is kick-starting the process that your body would take longer to do.

    Since psilocin is less stable, it will degrade into being useless if left in the acid for too long. You need to get the psilocin into your bloodstream as quickly as you can.

    Leaving the lemon juice mixture to sit will only reduce it's potency.

    According to some posters in the thread sticking it in the fridge will slow down the rate of degradation. Tomorrow morning or afternoon drink it. You shouldn't really have too much of a tolerance.
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    I think I'm gonna tell my friend to take it tonight because the way I see it. 8 or 9 hours isn't going to make a big difference in tolerance but it could play a role in the possible degradation of psilocin in that time period.
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