Howard Stern

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Anyone love this guy

I guess the bastard is on vacation again and they had a week of the gayest shows ever

about an hour and a bit into Thursdays show
They had this fucking nambla pedo guy on the phone bitching about the cops investigating him for doing a 16 year old boy

The lulz ensured when Howard started taking calls and this one gay guy fucking wanted to kill this douche

Howard kept telling the guy to hang himself

I thought this was one of the better history of sterns they have done in a good while

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    I really like howard stern. The show definitely is out of its prime now though, it has kind of been sucking since arty left (he went crazy and stabbed himself like 7 times... 7 TIMES!). Also Howard is taking another vacation? That fucker never goes to work I swear to god :o lol
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