The ash seems to have fused to the inside of my glass bubbler

MegaKushMegaKush Regular
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So i had a really dirty bubbler. I was using it without cleaning it until the hits started tasting really bad so i finally bought some formula 420. I used it and it got all of the black resin out, but the inside of the bubbler is still stained orange because so much has been smoked out of it.

Is there any way i can get this ash that seems to have fused to the inside out? ive tried alcohol, salt, all of that. No cleaning product seems to work to get it out.


  • TheGreenDoctorTheGreenDoctor Regular
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    I always used hot water, rubbing alcohol, then another rinse with hot water to clean my pipe back when I used to smoke. Be sure to shake well and make sure you have a good grip and all openings covered. I'm not sure why it didn't work for you, but it always worked for me.
  • fractalsfractals Regular
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    soak it in a NaOH solution, ask bunghole or some other LT regular for a good concentration. if that doesnt work, boil it in the solution
  • KamuyKamuy Acolyte
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    A solution of NaOH + warm water works great and if any stains don't budge wet a bit of magic sponge/eraser with water and scrub it clean.
  • FrYFrY Regular
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    When you put alcohol in it make sure you put some salt inside of your bubbler too, so when you shake it up the abrasiveness of the salt will knock the alcohol soaked resin off twice as easy
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