Birthday week

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My B Day was wednesday

Buddy and cousins whooped it up

we hit seven strip clubs that night

we are gonna go and see cheech and chong at Riverrock casino tonight
this has been one hell of a party

Hit the pub near me tonight . scored some coke

the wife has a trip to harrison hot springs planned for mid week next tues/weds and thurs

I have to say I have enjoyed my B-day this year

What a way to kill the end of a week :D and a hell of a way to start next week


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    Wow, that sounds awesome. Hope you're having a good time, I wish I could have a week that awesome :mad:
  • Pill PopperPill Popper Regular
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    I am having a great time
    My cousins are treating me great
    The woman will treat me good next week.I have to say she is very understanding and hasn't bitched once
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