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Alright, so I live in a highrise and am sick to death of trying to smoke on my balcony (highrise + ocean = muchos wind) so I decided that I'd go to the fire escape and have have a couple cones where there was no wind. Basically, after I had waited 2 and a half hours for my dealer to drop, my buddy and me went to the fire escape on the 28th floor. He had his cone, all was good. I decided to stand up to have mine, and typical me not thinking, I just blew out the smoke right above me and handed my mate the bong. Next thing I know, I hear this "woooooooop" sound. I realised it was the fire alarm so we quickly stuffed the weed and the bong in a bag, ran down two levels in the fire escape and hid it behind an air conditioner.

By the time we made it to the lobby on my floor, the speakers were screaming "Please exit the building in an orderly manner". I was nearly wetting myself laughing while at the same time freaking out wondering what the fuck it was I had done. I went inside and into to my brothers room. I told him what we'd just done and was just about to leave when I hear loud sirens .... I looked out the window and see two fire trucks speeding their way through the city, going through red lights and making cars pull out of their way. I was hoping they would turn a different way, but they didn't. They came right to my building. I thought, "fuck this" and took the elevator to the ground and left the building. I made it to ground floor and everyone on the street was looking up as the sound of the fire alarm echoed through the CBD. I just laughed and walked away.

An hour later, my mum called me because I had told her to keep me updated (even though I knew full well). She said that "Some people had been smoking in the fire escape". While I laughed, I still felt really guilty because I had seen all the firemen running through the building fully dressed as if there was going to be a full on fire ... little did they know they would be greeted by the smell of weed.

Anyway, hope Totse enjoyed my little story.

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    Hahaha, awesome story bro. Really enjoyed reading this, gave me a nice break from working :D
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    Getting called to places where stoners have opened fire-escape doors is probably one of their most frequent calls.
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    I always thought that smoke detectors picked up on a certain type of smoke. I guess I was wrong :D
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    Maybe there's different kinds (or quality) of smoke alarm? I know my cheap house smoke alarms will never go off when I smoke, no matter how much I smoke.

    Funny story though. :thumbsup:
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    trx100 wrote: »
    I always thought that smoke detectors picked up on a certain type of smoke. I guess I was wrong :D

    Some detect heat, not smoke.

    In my dorm first year, I was selling weed out of my room and basically people were blazing in there 24/7. One day we had the room fucking boxed to shit when the building fire alarm goes off.

    I was freaking the fuck out, grabbed a bong and threw it into my dresser without even thinking and the water went everywhere... put a fan in the window and ran outside. I was tripping balls thinking I'd be kicked off residence and shit, but turns out some dumb bitch couldn't cook KD and set her kitchen on fire on the first floor.

    I was so happy I went and smoked a few bowls to celebrate.
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    This thread makes me want to smoke a bowl. I've been clean and dry for months now.
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