Random User Spotlight: Gary Oak

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Gary Oak
"I love rubbing Pokeballs on my face."


Gary Oak registered at Totse.info on the 19th of July 2010. Garys' current location of residency is in Pallet Town, although he travels the world as a Pokemon Trainer.

Rumours about Gary dipping his genitalia into melted chocolate, then letting his pet Growlithe lick it off set Gary spiraling out of control into a sad delusional state of depression. You'll often find him stroking what he believes to be his moustache, when in fact he does not have one at all. On top of this, Gary is the least favorite character next to Togepi from the critically acclaimed Helldamnleet.

Gary now spends his days following Dfg on Twitter, and suggesting movies for :mad:ijuana. He also finds cool shit on the web.

If you would like to befriend Gary, or send him helpful words of support you can find him here.

Post your comments about the Totse user Gary Oak below. Whether it be good or bad, what do you think of him/her/it?


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