Movement of Internalized Awareness

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There is a movement within the planet you know as Earth. This planet you may consider your only home, others may consider it only a stepping stone towards a more expanse consciousness experience.

Within this system of life and the connections we create, there is a great power within. This is the light of higher awareness, beyond morality and survival, which guides us internally through the process of receiving intuition and knowing the path we are walking.

As a planet, of considerably intelligent beings, relatively, you can consider the current age as a kind of distortion, or contradiction.

Intelligent beings don't kill themselves. For no reason anyway. They don't consider the temporary relief of desire and want of flavor, to be more important than their long-term health's effect on their life experience.

There are many higher and lower gradients showering down through the filter to the daily possibilities for change. There is more information accessible through a living room today than ever, of course this has been said for every "current" age, yet when there is so much change occurring, and so much acceleration within that the point where the rate of acceleration of change itself, begins to double at a rate, and then triple by the same rate...eventually an exponential increase will be reached.

A chain-reaction of events that have been waiting to happen, due to the possibility of such events coming into comprehension, consideration, and focus on an entire population.

When we are teetering on the edge of reaching the state where we can be fully honest to ourselves and each other, then something inside of us will be wanting for this, telling us to reach for it.

The whole world will be in sync with this, and ultimately every atom will be asking for it, vibrating this message, indicating an arrival of change, in accordance to what the individual feels and focuses on internally. We are all on a journey, those who are aware of this will find the journey much more expanse.

Coming to terms with the full-view of our situation, the real down to earth facts of our situation, whether it is the distortions, and the pain, the suffering, the imbalance. From the fact that you can't have a properly aligned mental and spiritual body, if you do not have your physical body in alignment and activation. To the truth about what your countries rulers and legislators think of YOU directly (most likely they have only seen someone of your "kind", hint hint: they don't even know you as an individual).

This is the harsh truth, the physical truth, and cannot be skipped over to reach the next state.

Which is pure beauty incarnate.

That love emanates from the inside, all you have to do is allow it. That this is a free ride, but you may end up paying for it with everything you've ever had.

That you can't lose anything, for good, and you really can't gain anything, unless it is knowledge.

That we are all one, and there is no end for any of us, time is a perceptual shift and light encompasses and infinite realm of creativity.

These are the blending of the higher and lower aspects of our creativity and life experience, consciousness, form, and materialism.

Expression is the goal here, expression of the high, truly of what you want, but eventually, the high will become all there is. This is because the difference between "high" and "low" is what you make of it, or where your perception currently is, and how much you can view. It is relative. Distance, size, mass, it's all about perception. Including the amount of energy you can handle or relate to, whether it is emotional, or mental, positive or negative.

So in this way, it is all simply energy, and ultimately, seeking a certain direction of "quality" of energy, will get the ball rolling and begin yielding results that reflect on the progression of that direction of energy expression and experience.

Ultimately, seeking the higher yields a richer, more expanse, more possibility filled experience, while the allowing the lower which is denser and will seek to surround, and push you out, to take over, will result in confusion, separation, forgetfulness, instability, suffering and general discomfort, as this is not the nature of any process of life.

There are ups and downs, but these are to show you the difference between high and low, and ultimately, when you get your bearings, you are to take responsibility, and find the responsibility, to choose to creatively express yourself towards one direction or the other.

Eventually this will break down into dogma, dichotomy, and ultimately, a service to self- or service to other path.

What you put your energy into will expand, and there is no stopping that, so choose wisely.


  • BodilYFluidSBodilYFluidS Regular
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    interesting stance. i like your last line.

    i don't agree with everything, but you did say things that i'm in agreeance with.
  • VermicideVermicide Regular
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    I agree with most of what you said, specifically we are all one etc.

    Like most of your posts though I have a hard time figuring out what you're actually trying to say. Practical advice would be more helpful to most people I think.
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