The Story of Your Enslavement

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Everyone should seriously watch this. One of the most logical videos I've watched in a fucking while.

Talks about the world we are born into and how we are all 'Livestock' among the 'Farmers'.

Sorry if it's old.


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    wait wait wait, i got a bit lost when he was talking about the democratic system. the farmers are pretty easy to spot when talking about the egyptian, roman and feudal systems, but with the ability for the livestock to choose their farmers via voting, who is the big bad slavedriver?
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    Now I want to watch The Seventh Seal again. This is an awesome video. This essentially overviews the role of the ruling class on the hierarchy of social contracts.
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    Move to canada. There's enough wasteland here that you could go your entire life without seeing another person, if you like.

    Well. Forest-land, anyway.
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    I've seen this before but was glad to watch it again.
    Mantikore wrote: »
    but with the ability for the livestock to choose their farmers via voting, who is the big bad slavedriver?

    The choice is an illusion. It's a joke. You can go to Baskin Robbins and choose from 31 flavors, but when it comes time to elect the new leader of the free world you've got two people to choose from. Two people who are so fucking similar it's laughable. Who gives a fuck yeah they have different stances on abortion, illegal immigration, gay marriage, none of that shit matters. It's all just a distraction from what's truly important, which is the point made in that video.

    They're all the same. The slave driver isn't a single person. It's collectively every rich ass greedy fuck that profits off of this system. And it's funny because they tend to bounce around back and forth between high up political seats and high up business positions. Have you noticed that every president happens to be rich as fuck? Are rich people any smarter or better at decision making than you or I? No, in most cases it's the opposite. The person who gets elected is the person who spends the most money on their campaign. Would someone who is making vast quantities of money off of the current system want it to change? No. Presidents don't aim to make changes, they aim to keep things the way they are.
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