This is all a very thick dream:

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What you need to do is change your frequency - change the channel - change your consciousness.

This is all a very thick dream:

"...It is very important to learn how to keep your mind on one thing, until it gets done. This world we are in is really just a thick dream ~ No more real, or less real, than any other dream ~ Just a little thicker. The only way to consciously get out of this dream world ~ Is to be totally responsible for what you are doing with your attention. By learning how to keep you mind on one thing ~ You can become aware of who the "Dreamer" really is.

Between television, and this internet ~ Human attention span has been reduced to about ten seconds. It is not even possible to have a coherent discussion, the way things are right now. The 'me' who is alive and conscious in the present moment, is really a different being than the 'me' that has a past and a future.

As long as your thoughts and feelings are scattered all over the place ~ The 'me' who is alive and conscious in the present moment, will just remain hidden. Peoples thoughts and feelings are so scattered all over the place right now ~ That what I am talking about does not even register.

That awareness can become a stable condition ~ It is not easy though. ~ Especially in the terribly disturbed and confused mess we are living in right now. That stability is going to require a very different kind of communal environment. An environment where there is some collective reverence for the 'Living Presence', not only in other people, but in all of Creation. I had to get far away from civilization for a long long time, in order to do that.

Until people figure out how to quit babbling so much, and work together unselfishly to create a very different kind of communal atmosphere ~ This world is not going to be a very nice place. This society is racing head on, into a situation that can only end in uncontrollable violence and destruction. The closer this society gets to catastrophic failure ~ The noiser people get.

I smoked lots of dope when I was younger. Haven't smoked any in about 25 years though. This world was a very different place 30 years ago. People were way more conscious than they are now. The confusion and distress that has built up over the years is making people unconscious. Becoming unconscious ~ Is the way people deal with pressure.

It is mostly because this society does not really work anymore. ~ But people are trying desperately to pretend that it does.

~ 30 years ago, millions of young people could 'see' that this society could not last much longer ~ They all got sucked up into the system though. All that is really left now ~ Is a superficial pretense of social order ~ The 'spirit' has already gone out of this society. Nobody is really happy these days ~ People are just going through the motions of life.

The problem we have right now ~ Is that the thoughts and feelings of hundreds of millions of people who are locked into the established system, are creating a force field around this whole society that is stronger than concrete and steel. There are very few people inside that force field who can even imagine that there is an outside, or that anything could ever be any different ~ And very little outside that force field that can get in.

Everything there is on TV, and on this internet even ~ Is assuming that this established social system is going to go on the way it is indefinitely. Nobody is really dealing with the fact that this entire civilization is going away. It is just to scary for people to deal with ~ So they are not dealing with it at all.

The Dark Forces that are controlling this world have put a spell on people to keep them from even thinking about what is really going on. Not many people are able to break out of that spell. It is a kind of unconscious emotional pressure. ~ It stops people from even being aware of things.

The Dark Forces that are controlling this world have their own plans for the New World Order ~ And they know how to keep the sheeples under control.

The "Guardians from Heaven" who are looking after Humanity ~ Have a whole different picture for the 'New Order of the Ages".

The Dark Forces want to make a society of robots, that do just what they are told, without question ~ As long as they get some cash. The Dark Forces already have succeeded ~ But now they have to make some huge changes in order to stay in control of this world. The Dark Forces already have plans in place to sacrifice about four or five billion people, in order to stay in control of the system. The entire planetary ecology is just a few years away from catastrophic failure ~ Unless the human population is pruned back by a few billion people.

The Dark Forces know that if the planetary eco-system fails, they will not be able to stay in control of the situation. They plan on cutting off the gasoline and electricity ~ And just letting a few billion people dry up and blow away ~ Like a patch of weeds.

The "Guardians from Heaven" Think that it is better to completely erase every trace of this entire civilization right off the face of the Earth ~ That way, the people who are still here will all have an equal chance.

A 'human being' is a kind of a mutt ~ A cross between an animal and an angel. There are some very clever beings who have kept people distracted by the animal concerns for ages. ~ And they are still doing it, right now. The magical beings that we really are, has been completely stolen from us. If you want to get back your magical energy ~ You have to be able to go against everything you have ever been told, since the day you were born.

There is work being done on the research and development of such a different social system right now. It is still going on behind the scenes ~ There is a vast network of very talented, highly evolved beings working on it though. It will not begin to materialize until there are some brave visionary pioneers who are able to escape from the dungeon of established social conventions, and explore a whole new way of perceiving and describing what is going on in this world.

When the living 'presence' of the Human Be-ing becomes stronger than the instinctual reactions of the human animal ~ Then you shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. ~~~ It is all in the Present Moment.

Tanner: I like the idea of tributary zones and accelerated places where thought can be highly abstract and very innovative.

John: There are such places ~ We have one right here.

The energy on that place is so intense that when you are in it, everything that has happened in the past seems like a dream. It is like a doorway to other worlds, and other states of being.

Tanner: I remember you saying that you observed someone manifest something out of thin air. Can you give me details? It sounds interesting.

John: Those kind of things are pretty far off the scale of conventional human reality ~ I don't know how I would go about explaining it. This world is not nearly as solid or as 'real' as it appears to be to conventional human awareness. The first thing you need to recognise is that Consciousness and Life only exist in the present moment ~ And can never be moved out of the present moment, even for a fraction of a second. Everything that is going on outside the present moment is just a fairy tale ~ A collection of conclusions and social hallucinations that people have made up in the past. Getting loose from all the social hallucinations is not an easy thing to do. Then you have to undo all the very narrow conceptual and perceptual limitations that society has imposed on the human mind.

It is the feelings that people have that are so painful and difficult to 'see?

Tanner: Why are they so difficult to see?

John: What people consider to be normal in this society is extremely contracted, defensive and oppressive. People spend their entire lives inside a shell of unconscious fear, attachment and self concern.

Tanner: So these energies are disguised by being called 'normal'.

John: Yes, it is considered normal. ~ And is extremely dangerous to expose, or even try to talk about. The only way to get out of that collective shell of fear, attachment and self concern ~ Is to make a complete break from the whole established system.

That shell of fear and self concern is like a suit of armor, or a disguise that makes people think they are secure. Becoming conscious in this primitive world, is not an easy thing to do ~ It is entirely up to you to keep your head, and your heart, on straight.

This is a very difficult time right now ~ People are all clinging desperately to their hard shell of fear, attachment and self concern. ~~~ It is all they know. "
With Love!

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    I'm dreaming of a better world. I think it's happening already.
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    That was an interesting read.
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    I agree with those sentiments but not the description. We aren't in a dream because this imposition on our 'magical being' formation, as it were, is so totally accepted by us that it's like we've walked into the zoo of our own free will and locked the door behind us. God wouldn't allow these people to be slaves, the slavery is presented as a singular option where options are infinite.
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    The whole 'next level' sort of thing that we are always trying to arrive at, well, we will never arrive at it, because we are already there. Ideal society, wanting to make the world a better place, that's really about self improvement, it's really about the ideal human, or humans.

    See, the more we fight the thing that's holding us back, the ego, the more we build up that wall. What we should do is just let go. When we realize that the ego is an illusion, and you are secure with this, it ceases to be a problem, it ceases to be something that needs to attacked at all, because you realize its not really there.

    And if we can all realize that, then there we are. We arrive at that 'next level', simply by letting go, by abandoning our pursuit.
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    Erorr wrote: »
    I agree with you but there is no letting go to a system within our species that will remain regardless.

    There is no letting go? No dude, there is nothing to hold on to, like grasping the air. :D

    It's easier then you pretend.
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    Ignorance? The ignorant can't let go, can't see the illusion for what it is. The wise will let go :D
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    What does the writer mean when he says " to make a complete break from the whole established system."

    Is he saying to go against societal values such as getting a well paying job to pay your tax to the gov. then use the money you have to be comfortable with 3 kids and a wife then die on your 401k? Basically, the anti-American Dream. Is that how we escape the system?

    Or must we find our own self worth and actualization by any means? Heavy introspection and ignoring pop culture, i.e. television, radio, internet. It seems the culture we are entering is the problem of it all, but how do we escape it? Go live in the middle of no where with tons of books and weed and like-minded people?

    Life is unaware of our existence, no question. But that is what is great about humans, we are aware of our existence. Some more than others. We are capable of self worth and growing and achieving bliss in living. If we reach our capabilities, is that "to make a complete break from the whole established system"?
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    Bah. Nothing but dribble. Written by an old fogey that's perpetuating the Light vs Dark mythos. What is a dream? What is it to be awake? If we have no idea, then it means nothing to say that life is a dream. Or more precisely, we are the dream, dreaming ourselves.

    I'm sick of people telling everyone else how to live their lives, as if THEY are the ones that FIGURED IT OUT and have to go 'n spread the good word. Nobody cares and nobody is listening anyhow.
    he Dark Forces already have plans in place to sacrifice about four or five billion people, in order to stay in control of the system. The entire planetary ecology is just a few years away from catastrophic failure ~ Unless the human population is pruned back by a few billion people.

    Fear mongering fucktard.

    And that's your daily dose of hatred for today.
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