Writing lists is awesome

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Writing lists is great for remembering things. In fact, you don't even have to remember things if you write them down - that's the beauty of having a list.

I write a lot of lists out so I don't have to remember things and risk forgetting them. I also pin the lists up on my noticeboard which I have on my wall next to my desk, so I can read them whenever I need to do something.

My latest list? Christmas items - what I'm buying, and for who.

Lists FTW.


  • MayberryMayberry Regular
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    You're on my naughty list, sweetums ;)
  • xxombiexxombie Regular
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    I agree, lists are absolutely the way to go. The first time I need to do a good clean of a new place I make a list of what order I'm gonna do it in. Usually I don't keep lists and rarely even refer back to them, but getting your thoughts organized on paper is a good thing.
  • kfc v lotkfc v lot Regular
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    Must say I agree with xxombie there is countless bits of paper round here with lists on..
    There's is one to hand about what I need to do to my bike to get it looking new..
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