Worst Christmas gifts ever...?

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ohman. so yeah this site shut down for a while but hopefully people are uh, less of dicks nowadays since I'm back and making a post. :)

Anyway... so what's the worst shit you've ever gotten... or the thing you would hate TO get? Of course, you would neeever complain about this gift to the person and hurt their feelings or be ungrateful, but we all know damn well we've received shit we wanted to complain about, so don't even try the, "Be happy for what you have", holier-than-thou shit, cuz you're not fooling anybody.

Worst things I've gotten.... well, my mom is generous as all shit, but pretty awful when it comes to picking gifts. I was really into the punk/goth thing...when I was 10 to 14. It kind of stuck with her and she seems to STILL to this day think I want armwarmers with skulls on them, and dragon rings..shit like that. I told her this year I would just love for whatever money she's going to spend on me, whether it's $5 or $500, to just be given in cash. =/ (I'd much rather have a roxy and put a down payment on a new apartment than have a soft pillow or an ipod... to go with the ones of those that I already have....) >.>
when I was 10, I really really begged for a horse. When my parents, on Christmas, told me to come out into the backyard and see what they got for me, you can imagine my disappointment when I see this old ratty-ass used go-cart. I'm a GIRL - a 10 year old girl - who wants a horse... and this year for Christmas... you give me... a BB gun... a 15-dollar mini-pinball machine... and a go kart? :( no. just no. Then... my grandmother... really takes the cake... by buying me veggie tales DVDs until I was 12... by which time I was, like I said,a little goth kid, and was receiving Rancid CD's, spikey bracelets, hair dye, and band t-shirts for my birthday from my parents, (who I had told what I wanted).

Worst gifts I think COULD be given? Ahhh... well, the types that are bought ONFUCKINGLINE... from places like ebay... *cough* which is what my mom likes to do.... that can't be returned in any way. Dude I understand not wanting to give people receipts if you don't want them to know how little you spent on something, but sometimes it's the best thing to do. Get something from Starbucks or TJ Maxx? Give them the damn receipt just in case. JC Penney? Dillard's? Family Dollar? Give them the receipt because they *don't know where it came from*. They might want to *return it*. Something from WalMart, usually has "distributed by Walmart" on the back, and can be returned for store credit if you don't have a receipt so that's *kinda* okay because who can't find something they want or need from walmart? But giving people shit they can't return... is just wasting your own money. Very silly.

Oh yeah, and in conclusion, who in their right mind... would give, or want to receive, a Snuggie? Anybody? :sad:


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