Its not &T.i you filthy piece of shit

MarijuanasaurusMarijuanasaurus Regular
edited July 2010 in Spurious Generalities
Here. Let me quote one of my original posts on the subject so you people can get it through your thick fucking skulls.
Oh fuck this bullshit, this has gotta stop. This is the same bullshit that went on at zoklet. "This place isnt totse, and it never will be" was always an excuse for them to go and fuck around with things that shouldnt be fucked around with.

This place is in the very least, a tribute to the ruins of the temple, and should remain loyal to the name.

We do not need any new bullshit symbols like &T.i ... I mean what the fuck is that?
Totse was never &T.c, so why would we include the domain address on this site? Its fucking stupid if you ask me.

It should remain &T. Anybody who disagrees will be shot on site.

Here on out, anybody who references this place as &T.i will be ostracized/excommunicated/assassinated.

That is all.


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