So. Who's on what?

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In this gloriously fucked up world we live in, many of us have turned to the realm of psychology to help solve some of our deepest problems.

There are those in the field that prefer a pharmaceutical approach to curing these problems. Though there is much debate over the effectiveness of this approach, it is widespread.

Accordingly, I will assume there are users on here on some sort of prescription drug, be it for depression, anxiety, ocd, etc.

Many people I've encountered on such drugs show hesitance when discussing their use in face to face conversation. I'd like this thread to allow people to talk freely about what they take/have taken, what side effects they have, and is it truly helping.

Do note that you don't by any means have to go into the WHY of taking the pills.

I'll start.

I'm presently on 10mg/day of Lexapro and 250mg a day of Welbutrin (actually taking a generic).
Was on 15mg/day of Lexapro alone. Worked well as far as what it was treating, but it's an SSRI. That means sexual side effects. Shit's weak if it hits you.
Welbutrin added in gives me the occasional headache. My dick works properly again, but it's of little use when you still don't want to get out of bed in the morning. :(


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    10 mg/day Lexapro
    45 mg/day Adderall (generic)
    300 mg/day Provigil
    200 mg/day Topamax
    3 mg/day melatonin (or whenever the hell I want it, really)

    Yeah, I pretty much have zero sexual drive at this point. I don't even look at girls anymore.
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    Been on Zoloft for many years, only a 50mg dose once a day. I felt like shit the first week of taking it but my general anxiety dropped down to almost nothing where as before taking it I would have panic attacks eating lunch.

    I don't like being on the medication but ever since the my first GF broke up with my over 10 years ago I've had panic attacks and such. I've been on and off Zoloft since then of course probably on it only a total of 3 years in the past 10 but now I am not sure if it is worth getting off of just to have to get back on if the anxiety attacks come back.
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