Trip report;'MDMA', shitmix.

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So I tried some "MDMA", courtesy of a free sample given by a co-worker. I told him I had recently had some troubles due to ingesting a shitload of something sold as MDMA, but he assured me it had no speed in it, and well, I'm rather fond of little bags of white powder, especially if they're free, and the fact that the dude knew I was going to see him again the next time we worked together was somewhat reassuring. It was a very white powder in a small one gram baggie. I was quite skeptical, and reminded him I am more experienced than most, but he stood behind his product, and off we went.

We did a couple of rails in his car, because we both wanted to see the other do some, for different but obvious reasons. As I took the bus home, I noticed a nice little buzz settling in, some euphoria, a nice alert and sociable feeling, and some minor colors. He sells it for $25 a bag, about the cost of 5 E pellets here, and I had done about 1/10 of a bag.

Inspection under my spotter/micro scope revealed 3 distinct particles, some shards I suspected were meth, a lot of something granular, and a smaller amount of very fine powder, chalk dust fine. A taste test revealed a combo of salty and bitter, but not the 'crab apple' taste of meth. Burning some on foil produced a little puff of white smoke, then a black burning mess, the white smoke smelled meth'ish', and the rest was obviously something not fit for smoking. I was not into a meth kick, so I waited for an hour or so, and the effects dropped fast enough for me to rule out meth as an ingredient. I know real MDMA is not smokeable, but due to coming most of the way down about +3 hours after snorting the first rails, I was pretty damn sure this was not mostly MDMA, rather mostly something else, with a little MDMA for flavor.

I decided 2 x .15g rails would show the true colors of whatever I had. The burn was not too bad, and the drip didn't choke me. I soon had a pretty fine buzz on, good euphoria, some 'eye jitters', and when I stood up I felt a little disombubulated, with minor balance problems. Colors were present, but not as vivid as I have experienced with good E that I knew was at least 70% MDMA. No tracers or movement to speak of, again, slightly different than good E. I decided to blast back another couple of short ones and lay down to watch a movie, lame I know, but I do like drugs and movies, and the thought of cool sheets on my skin was enticing.

After the second set of rails, the disorientation was a little more pronounced, and I had a minor space out as I stared at my P2P screen and wondered what I was supposed to do next. BINGO, salty+disorienting= Ketamine, one down, two to go. I have nothing against K, but when I tried it in it's pure form, it had zero euphoric content, in fact I would describe it as going to the worst part of a 3 day whiskey drunk for an hour or two, and this definitely had a good euphoric kick. When I laid down into my cool bedsheets the feeling was marvelous

About 3/4 of the way through "Coraline", a movie that is silly while sober, but fucking marvelous on psychedelics, I hit a come down wall, kind of like when you are on coke, and even though you are still ripped, your brain is telling you another rail is in order. I assayed my situation, about half the bag left, meeting my girlfriend in 10 hours, ah whatever, better kill the bag. I was definitely feeling like more, now, now, now, and whatever it was it seemed mostly harmless, no shakes, no twitches, and my pulse was fast but not nuts.

The third set of rails did me good for another hour or so, and I decided to try for a good fap after I polished off the last bit. No dice, speed dick was in effect, and my mind couldn't stay focused on any kind of sex fantasy. I put some episodes of "Deadwood" on the pooter and decided to drink some wine and do bong hits till I could sleep. The wine and weed helped a lot, but the comedown had a restless quality that drove me nuts, if I didn't move it felt like my limbs were full of bees, and three hours of thrashing around in bed occasionally gulping wine and blasting bong hits were needed to sleep.

My girlfriend always wants to screw when she sees me after a few days, and although I managed wood after 4 hours sleep, getting my nut off was impossible, and I was sweating like a bastard on a barbecue.

Sooo, I am going to see the guy again tomorrow, and I am going to present him with a list of things I think might be in the stuff he is selling, he is young, a part time DJ, and seems to be trying to find a legitimate market for what he can connect with and make money off, so I just want to clue him in a bit, not so much spank him for believing what his guy tells him. So far I have;

Ketamine; 90% certain
Mephedrone; it would explain the, "MORE!"
MDPV; methylenedioxypyrovalerone; a stimulant that is not yet officially regulated in Canada, and has euphoric content, the wiki says the duration is a bit longer than than I felt though.
TFMPP/BZP;or (deep breath);trifluoromethyl-phenyl-piperazine/benzylpiperazine, after a little research this is my most likely suspect, with the BZP a minor constituent as the wiki says it is quite caustic and usually only ingested orally. TFMPP is very similar to amps, and the wiki lists Vancouver as an area where it is prevalent, when you add in PZP, the two work together to give a euphoric and slightly psychedelic buzz similar to MDMA. If you have done E that was 'okay', but a little off, this was probably it.
MDMA; maybe, but I doubt it.
As a longshot I was also thinking of crystalline GHB salts, as I had no urge to drink until I was coming down, and something was filling those GABA receptors.

All in all, I enjoyed it, and the comedown was not too bad, having easy and cheap access I will probably do it again. Sure would like to know what's in it though, and any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I like you, CO. Interesting trip report :) have you ever tried rubbing the powder under your tongue? You don't get the drip and there's a longer bio-availability.
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    So it might not have been MDMA, but in the long run, was it worth $25 a gram? On a similar note, I bought some tabs that were MDMA and ketamine, a very epic combo.
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    Brilliant report.
    At least you didn't pay for it. I'm not sure for Canada, but in Britian that would be an amazing price. Even for fake stuff. I'm sure your right on the first two ingredients, but the rest I can't really help, as I've not tried them. Although from what I've heard of PZP you could be on the right track.
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    If your ever in any doubt about mdma, then it isn't mdma. Pure and simple. Dealers go to great lengths to try and mimic the effects of mdma. They get away with it because a lot of people out there have never tried the real shit, and whenever they get decent shit that isn't cut to hell, they call it "mollies". :facepalm:

    You seem like you know your shit so trust your instincts. It sounds like mephedrone to me, but that's something you probably know more about. It sucks that so much bunk shit is on the market. There is so many rc's out there that are cheaper and easier to make. 10 years from now it's going to be twice as hard to find good quality mdma, and the prices are going to be double.

    I've been fortunate enough to have my fair share of experiences. E is the greatest drug on earth. No other substance even came close to me.
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