Favorite 'summer' foods and drinks.

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So what makes it summer for you food wise? A barbecue is a wonderful thing, but there is more to summer than dead animal and flames. There is the art of the picnic for example, and methods for making dinner that don't overheat an already brutally hot apartment.

As for drinks, are you strictly beer?, or maybe the blender gets some play, some homemade wine cooler maybe?(just for the women folk of course, but it must be tasted extensively during preparation)

I get really Japanese in the summer, I always have some sunomono in the fridge, and I make a lot of fast pickles like daikon radish, carrrots, cucumber,and onions to have as side dishes so I don't have to turn on the stove to have vegetables with dinner. A nice bit of cold meat, some sushi rice, and some pickles is a standard dinner for me in the hot months. I do a lot of sushi rolls when I have the time, Japanese food is great in the summer because so much of it is cold, and as it is less filling than a lot of other foods, and feeling overstuffed when it is hot as a bitch sucks balls.

I am a mad bastard for the blender too, waking up on the kitchen floor surrounded by banana peels, strawberry trimmings, squeezed oranges and empty bottles of Stolichnaya vodka is not unusual. The great thing about fruit blender drinks is that you can put a fucking shitload of booze into them, especially if you use good vodka, maybe this is also a bad thing, whatever.

"got my mind on the summer, and the summer on my mind"


  • BigHarryDickBigHarryDick Cock Bite
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    Strictly bbq here in TX.

    Foods, Beef(Brisket, fajita, t-bone) and maybe some pork Ribs

    beer for the men, and Smirnoff for the women
  • DaktologistDaktologist Global Moderator
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    Barbequed meats and beer.
  • acid_dropacid_drop Regular
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    I pretty much stick to whiskey and gin for my booze. Some micro brews as well. Can't stand typical American beer, unless I'm just on a long camping adventure looking to get wasted all day on the cheap.
  • SHANE14SHANE14 Regular
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    Barbequed meats and beer.

    pretty much this. Just the overall atmosphere of being outside on a summers day/evening, burning some delicious meat and swigging an ice cold beer is a top notch culinary experience
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    Chilled Tang and water. Mango and some other cheap foods do the trick. Nothing fancy.
  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    I get really Japanese in the summer,

    Me too. I think it is the sun making me squint a lot.

    But srsly - BBQ, outdoor food is summer for me. Long lunch BBQs and drinks that start with some good antipasto - really good salami, ham, fresh home grown tomatoes and move on to a nice bit of BBQ salmon, lots of drinks - good beers and real pear cider - none of that apple cider muck with pear flavouring.

    Moving on through the day, late afternoon some sausages will be cooked, and some burgers. They will be consumed while the leg of lamb or pork belly is cooking - and some ribs - you have to have ribs.

    About this time, the long drinks start - I tend to stick with a margherita or long island ice tea, but some times, you cannot beat a good gin and tonic. The final sacrifice to the meat gods on the BBQ is a steak - served with a bottle of red wine (per person). Through the evening, I will normally go back on to beer, or maybe invent some cocktails.

    Apart from BBQ, it means picking fresh salads in the garden every evening, eating fresh peas and soft fruit in the garden and looking forwards to the main harvest period.
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    Gin in the summer time is good.

    I like smoking n drinking outdoors; once a year me and a bunch o ppl have a lamb roast.... Which is AWESOME

    EDIT: Forgot.... TEQUILA AYEAYEAYEAYE!!!! :):):):):)
  • MeloncholyMeloncholy Regular
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    Pimms and Mojitos. Fuck food.
  • HarlequinHarlequin New Arrival
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    I'm all about BBQs in the summer, washed down either with some Coronas/Sols or a good cold Rose (Yeah I know it's got a terrible name and is pink but it's the only wine I really drink.)
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    Meloncholy wrote: »
    Pimms and Mojitos. Fuck food.

    Mojitos kick ass! Caipirinhas too
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