Piss and MDMA

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I came across this book E is for Ecstasy (http://ecstasy.org/books/e4x/e4x.ch.04.html) and found an interesting couple lines.
When MDMA is swallowed, it is digested in the stomach and enters the blood stream. From there, some of it reaches the brain, but any MDMA that passes through the kidneys is removed and ends up in the urine - two thirds is excreted unchanged while some 7% is 'metabolised' into MDA. Every 6 hours the amount remaining in the body is roughly halved, so that after 24 hours there will be only about 3% left.(38, chapter 9) Other psychoactive drugs are excreted in a similar way, and this enables them to be 'recycled': Siberian reindeer hunters who take fly agaric mushrooms to get high drink each other's urine in order to prolong the effect.(39)

So drinking your piss after taking MDMA would actually put more into your system? Why don't I see ravers pissing all over each other?

Note: Posted this on zoklet a while back, but thought I'd share some love over here...

Disclaimer: I don't advocate drinking your own piss in any way, shape or form, but feel free to do it in the name of science anyway... :fap:


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    Fuck that
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    You first.
  • jamie madroxjamie madrox Sith Lord
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    I'd say (if it's even true) save your piss in a cup and evap it off
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    ^ Shulgin had a small part in the making of the book, although it has been superseded by more recent versions....He is credited with writing the bibliography and also shares the copyright.

    Also would explain why I piss for 5 minutes at a time when I'm on it.
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    Start a cult and have your believers drink your piss while on mdma. Call it spiritual enlightenment. :)
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    It could be a very well executed troll but it logically makes sense. Our bodies do excrete things that don't get used or serve some function. So, you just extract the compounds from the urine you just may recover from drugs and use them again. Ofcourse the foam will be different but once extracted it can return in powder form.

    Setting up a urinal that deposits the urine to a central tank where it gets filtered might work but you have to make sure all your subjects are clean and have no STD type issues. Plus, AIDS might be something you need to look for. The idea is to you get high and do tons of expensive and awesome drugs. Your group then takes piss after drinking liquid. You then collect everything and start the extraction process.

    Once the main compounds are filtered you try identify some and if all else fails, just mix the powder and try sniffing it or testing it in some other way. You just might get the best high of you life because you're taking a mixture of different drugs, or just might puke or get killed. You can control the vomit factor by not telling anyone and giving them the powder next day and observe what happens.


    I love this meme
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