Ryan Dunn Killed

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If you haven't heard, Ryan Dunn died earlier this morning after being
part of a fatal crash in his 2007 Porsche. It has been stated that earlier in the night, Ryan had consumed
3 beer and 3 shot's with mixed opinions of other people in that bar if he was able to drive or not.
People are skeptical that Ryan Dunn death is a hoax however that is hard to believe.
There has been no offical cause of ryan dunn death yet announced.


  • thewandererthewanderer Regular
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    lolwut is this a bot?
  • angryonionangryonion Just some guy
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    Ryan Dunn was not killed.He died in a fiery raging car crash by accident unless you can prove it was a suicide.
  • Gary OakGary Oak Regular
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    This makes me sad. :(
  • xxombiexxombie Regular
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    Who would make a new account on totse just to announce a Jackass dude died, seems hoaxarific to me. If he did die though, at least it wasn't from falling off a moving cow or something.
  • Rumple ForeskinRumple Foreskin Regular
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    it sad for a professional stuntman going out like this. kind of ironic
  • edited June 2011
    In case you hadn't noticed, it's a bot trying to get as many backlinks as possible so that when people Google something relating to his death, this guy's website is right at the top. I'm gonna check it out...

    *checks out site...*

    Oh, it's just a shitty Wordpress blog with like, 3 posts.
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