friends parents broke my bong

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so like the title says my friends parents broke my bong, we are all over 21. i understand i shouldn't have had it at their house, but i am really fucking mad.
i would never steal something that belongs to someone else then break it and throw it away. their excuse was they are helping me quit smoking weed. should i let it go or do something passive aggressive? i cant confront them about it since they always feed me and take me on vacation with them and stuff like that. it wasn't even my fav bong but it did have my favorite bowl in it which is why i am so mad.


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    Haha, you hang out with your mates parents at the age of 21. FFS tell your mate to get his own place and become a man. :facepalm:
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    If you insist on being in their pocket and enjoying the benefits, you pretty much have to eat any shit they want to put on you. How much food and vacation time does it take to buy your pride? Time to cut the ties and live like a man/woman (your handle is a little ambiguous) if you don't want this type of shit to continue. You can still be friends with them, and accept some food and shit if you did something to help them, but until you can say 'no thanks' to the goodies, you're just another pet.

    "I might be jealous, all my friends parents were poor too"
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    It sucks that they broke it, they really shouldn't have done that :thumbsdown: I appreciate their concerns but to be fair, that wasn't a good move by them. Next time, don't leave it there. Use this as an incentive to buy a new, better bong :)
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    That sucks they broke your bong, but honestly what would you expect any other normal parents to do? I don't think many would deal with the awkwardness of giving their son's friend their bong back after finding it at their house. The only way they are fucked up for breaking it is if they already knew you and your friend smoked and were cool with it.

    If you want to make them suffer yet still remain on decent terms you should "accidentally" break something they really care about.
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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    ^ all of this.

    Really gingerkid, don't leave shit like that around people you know aren't cool with it. You know what happens now. Don't leave ANYTHING illegal around your friends parents again. You are likely to be sent to rehab for smoking pot which would be :facepalm:
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    they do have there own place. we were chillen in the pool on freedom day (july 4th). the only reason i had it out was they weren't supposed to be there but of course they came home early.i grew up with ridiculously chill parents so i forget to think what normal parents would do. my friend just told me his parents would have called the cops on me.

    edit: Gingerman doesn't sound good.
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    fuck that you little bitch u go back there and tell them to reimburse u for that shit.

    ur 21 years old pussy act liek it
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    gingerkid wrote: »
    it wasn't even my fav bong but it did have my favorite bowl in it which is why i am so mad.

    This sentence tells me a lot about you as a person.

    Either demand they pay you back(which you don't have the balls to do).


  • subliminal07subliminal07 Semo-Regulars
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    Ide mail them an invoice in the amount of one bong, problem solved!that or get over it aince it sounds like they spoil your ass
  • familyguyfamilyguy Acolyte
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    There is nothing you can do about it. You don't bring something into someones house that you know they are not cool with. You're an adult now, you should be aware of this. The people you are talking about actually sound pretty cool. Yeah, they broke your bong, but they forgave you as well. Stop disrespecting their home and find a new place to smoke and you won't have that problem.

    Btw, this thread doesn't belong here. It belongs in bitch and moan.
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    xbcnfujv wrote: »
    fuck that you little bitch u go back there and tell them to reimburse u for that shit.

    ur 21 years old pussy act liek it

  • MordFustangMordFustang Regular
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    Break your friend's parents.
  • 0000000000 Regular
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    teach them how to smoke a bong without breaking it.
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