He shoots, HE SCORES!

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So my love affair with benzodiazepines began when I was in hospital at the age of 15 for an ingrown toenail procedure. I fucking hated needles and was given a shitload to calm me down.
Anyway, as of late, my injectable meds have really fucked me up causing anxiety and anguish on a level never before seen. As well as being given Citalopram (which I'm dubious when mixing with my seratonin-flooded brain thanks to a 5 year addiction to Tramadol) I also got this!

Time to chill. I smiled for the first time in over a week today.


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    Niiiiice. Wish I had a sample box of vally......
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    What else are these tablets used to treat? I've seen some very lately and I just can't work out where...
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    Anxiety and panic attacks. Basically I am on immune suppressants which work wonders (the injectable ones) and apart from making me physically well, they make me mentally shot to shit. Moody, paranoid and so anxious I didn't leave the house for days. That then leads to me thinking about my girlfriend and that she'd leave me as I'm a failure, which then leads onto other thoughts, and finally comes the violent "sorry old lady, I am seriously thinking of smashing your fragile head into that brick wall and watching your grey matter drip onto the floor because you loooked at me" thoughts. I also grabbed my machete and went looking for someone as they phoned me - I mean, the fuck?! All they wanted to know was if I was ok and I had the intention of hacking their body up. In other words, as of tomorrow evening and for the next week I would turn into the Hulk (as I need to inject) and I hate it. I don't want to lost those closest to me because I'm well and the old me is back, because it isn't, and I need to manage the side effects.

    In other words, I just need to chill out. Also got some anti depressants (Citalopram) but well scared as they interact with Tramadol like a motherfucker (according to the internet) but my Doc and a Pharmacist says theyre ok, so if I don't post anything later on, you know I've had a seizure.
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    Time to pass out.
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    ..Don't you usually score before shooting? In my experience that's always been the accepted order of things..

    Fuck nice score though. I could really go for some downers right now.
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