new member satans-cat holy shit wtf

white88enochianwhite88enochian Regular
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when the hell did this happen it looks perfect i was just thinking about this site last night and randomly searched today and i find then.
it looks just like it but does it fill the same to all of you
i never joined the other sites because they didnt look the same
i know this isent the real orginal totse cus jeff isent here

my username used to be satans-cat or pyronatas or something like that i cant remember
i joined when i was 12 and am now 22 so i think it was 2000 when i joined

i learned almost everything i know from here
i am an admin of a warez site now (dont know if i can post the link)
i didnt see a introduce your self topic so here it is i did read the welcome post but when i registered the whole news forum dissappered


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