Weirdest, most disturbing things you did as a kid (<12)

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We all had crazy things we did as kids, some crazier than others and some outright disturbing. What did you guys do? Here are some of mine.

Because my parents both worked a full day, I had to wait till 5pm to get picked up from school. This left me with hours of time to kill and thus, eventually introduced me to one of my favorite obsessions, which I practiced throughout 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade.

I would go into the empty classrooms and just go around looking through people's stuff, mainly girls (none in particular, just as they took my fancy). I didn't steal for conventional reasons, but rather to take trophies (though if I found some money obviously I'd take it). It could be something as simple as a book or a pencil, but the more personal the item, the better. Personal letters (you know how junior school girls are always passing around stupid notes), a cup or glass (which I'd then ceremonially drink from) or clothing, such as a scarf or a pair of gloves (made me think of DFG's thread about that glove - what did you end up doing with it?). This was especially the case in winter when people left raincoats etc in the class. Anything that had touched some part of her body and that had a trace of her mind and spirit on it.

I'd sit at their desks and pretend I was them, absorbing their spirit and wondering what they were doing at that moment. The next day I'd listen to them talking about the things they'd lost and that made it all the sweeter. At first I did it with just my class, but later I started to observe the other classes and pick out girls to 'investigate'. It was actually more of a thrill going into other grade's classrooms and doing it to their girls. Unfortunately at that stage I hadn't yet discovered the joys of jacking off - if I had, I'd have creamed their stuff on the spot.

I always wondered what would happen if she were to realise she'd forgotten something, came back to the room to fetch it and see me sitting at her desk, wearing her clothes... Good times.


One of the after-school activities I did back then was an art class which took place in one of the pre-school classrooms. One day, after it was over, I was waiting around mindlessly when I decided to see if any of the doors were unlocked so I could have a look around. It turned out the teacher who took it had left the outside door unlocked. I walked in on two little kids playing with a box of matches. They were startled to see me and frantically started apologising and explaining themselves.

'Don't worry', I told them, laughing. 'It's fun, isn't it? Burning things?'.
Them: 'Yes'.
Me: 'Do you want to have a lot of fun, and do it properly?'
Them: 'Yeah!'
Me: 'Let me show you', I said, reaching out for them to give me the matches.

This classroom was at the back of the pre-school block and quite secluded, but nonetheless I looked outside to see that no one was watching or outside. I look about the room and walk up to a large poster on the wall that the kids' had made. My heart was racing and my gland was swelling. I struck a match and brought it to the bottom of the poster. The flimsy paper needed no help catching alight, as a black wave started consuming it. Then the bright blaze and loud licking of flames. The kids looked on, transfixed but excited and lusting to give it a go. I stood back, once again checking that the coast was clear outside. I handed them the box. 'Here, now do the others (posters), and the curtains!'. Their eyes widened as they took the box and got to work. 'Just a second', I said, leaving the room as fast as possible. I look back and see smoke billowing out a window. I rushed to the woman who looks after the small kids after school and told her that I saw two of them walking towards that room with a box of matches. She rushes off, and about an hour later as I'm getting into the car to go home, I see them, their parents, the groundsman and the principle, engaged in... 'lively discussion'. I turned my face away from them as I drove past, obviously.


On one occasion I was dropped off at school in the morning and noticed a half crushed dead bird in the parking lot. I was immidiately filled with a dark, twisted excitement - I had to have it! During break that day I got a clear plastic packet and while no one was looking, picked up the bird, tied the bag shut and put it in my bag. It was swarming with ants, so they came too. For the rest of that day I was in ecstacy. I couldn't wait to get home and take my prize out. When I did, I just looked at it for the longest time and prodded what must've been an exposed lung. I didn't go as far as to do anything sexual with it (I don't even think I touched it with my bare hands), but my God, I got off from just looking at it. Going to sleep with it under my bed; for the first time in ages I was... happy. After a few days it started going a bit off, and the ants were escaping out the bag so I said goodbye and disposed of it.

Cruelty to animals

This is probably the only thing of the lot I'm not proud of, but as we all know, cruelty to animals is one of the fundamental pillars of every good psychopath's childhood. This is something I often fantasized about but rarely carried out. The only instances being:

1. Drowning our class budgie in 2nd grade (I didn't mean to kill it, I just wanted to torment it a bit, and let's just say that it's head went into the water three times, and came up twice...).

2. During a 'pet show-and-tell' day, I opened some hamster/gerbil's cage and clipped it so the little critter would run free, which is seemingly did. Forever. I also violently shook the cage of another hibernating hamster. It came out and bit my finger through the bars. Cunt. But seriously - who takes a hibernating hamster to a show-and-tell? :facepalm:

I've mostly lost this horrible desire, though it still pokes its head up from time-to-time, like a few years ago when I went and killed some person's pet rabbit that had escaped and was running about on the nearby canal bank (there were actually two of them, but the second didn't come back after seeing his/her companion fall). You have no idea how hard it is to catch a rabbit with your bare hands. It was quite the strategic exercise but I eventually hit it square-on with a short 'glaive' I'd made myself, for that sole purpose. It died after one hit to the skull in a few seconds, so not too bad. I dumped the body in the reeds, blood steadily trickling out its ear, and took a few photo's but be damned if I can find them. I would never do this with any 'higher' animal, because let's face it - I don't think rabbits are capable of much in the way of emotional capacity and attachment.

Don't get me wrong; I love animals. I'd fall apart when our pets died and have made up for it by looking after a number of other pets since, many of whom I cared about more than I do most of my family.

Murderous fantasies.

1. In grade 5 our class went on a river rafting trip. The next year, in grade 6, we were to go on another. There was this bitch in the other grade 6 class - only 11 years old but a real slut in the making. Of course I had my own fantasies about her... eventually culminating in a desire to kill her. It became a nearly sexual obsession. Then I thought:

Deep, fast flowing river + easily tippable kayak + sabotaged, faulty life-jacket + bitch who cant swim = :fap:

For months leading up to the trip I fantasized about how I was going to do it. I researched the most common types of life jackets and what could be done to fuck them. I tried to figure out how to get her using that one. What the widest, roughest parts of the river would be. How to 'accidently' tip her in a way that she couldn't grab onto anything or be rescued too soon.

Unfortunately the trip was postponed and by that time I'd lost interest in her... drowned, naked corpse.

2. In grade 9 there was another girl. She was badly asthmatic and had to use her pump thingy at least a few times a day. At some point I got excited by the idea of killing her too. In the past I'd seen another kid have a serious asthma attack. He didn't have his pump on him but luckily the admin office had one in their medicine store, otherwise who knows what could've happened.

I mulled over this one too, in theory, and figured that the best way to do it would be on that year's trip. Being the only sufferer, hers would quite likely be the only pump in the vicinity. If I could wait until we were out doing something physical and subtly 'steal' and hide her pump, what would happen? Another thing I never actually did, but the thought alone must count for something?

Unfortunately, by the end of 6th grade I'd lost my interest in all these things, and my mind took on other, though no less devient paths.

That's me, what about you? :)


  • LysdexicLysdexic Regular
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    Nothing major as far as I remember.

    I put those fake tattoos all over my body. On my neck, my arms, my legs, my arse and my knob.
    With the one on my knob I couldnt take a piss without somebody wanting to see it.

    I took photos of my dads porno mags, pretending that I was photographing the naked women. I had some explaining to do when he got the film devolped.

    No doubt there is more that normal people would call fucked up, but nothing worthy of the eyes of totse.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Pyromania was a big factor for me, and still is.
    I also made a guillotine out of a turf cutter and a few bits of wood to kill worms and slugs on.
    Prior to that, I also had homicidal fantasies where I spiked my Nan's food (literally) with metal rods from a science set that were like small pins. She ate them and almost died. I also forced my sister to walk across a monkey bar set which I had put some wood on, but it overshot between 2 of the bars, so she fell between and was close to snapping her neck as her jaw hit the bar in front.
    I used to talk to a lot of people that weren't visible, which I guess is odd.
  • wonT0nsOOpwonT0nsOOp Acolyte
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    I used to steal a lot when I was a kid, but as I grew older I developed a conscience.

    One of my friends invited me to hang out with him one time when I was twelve. He'd stolen some porno mags and for some reason, wanted me to go with him and climb onto the roof of some building. Once I'd gotten to the top of that rusted, metal ladder, I saw the dumb fuck sitting on the tar with his pants down around his ankles. The bastard had come all the way up there to masturbate. I was halfway down the ladder when I saw the plaza's security patrol creeping towards our location. I jumped to the ground and bolted over a fence, before hiding in the bushes across the street to watch the scene. I just sat giggling and watching the fat security guy climb up that sketchy ladder. There was a loud "HEY!", followed by a shriek, and I watched my friend run butt-naked from the waist down across the roof of the building. He somehow made it to the ground and took off, and, as you can guess, I haven't let him hear the end of this story since.

    ^^^Freakiest thing that ever happened to me.^^^
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  • ThatfriedKidThatfriedKid Acolyte
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    Eh, I never did anything too disturbing or weird.

    Before I was 12 I was certain the feds were listening/watching and they could hear everything going on inside my house. Led me to be a bit paranoid later on in life (still get those tendencies that I'm being watched...)

    At ages 12 through 13 I had a bit of a pyro stage. Never actually burnt anything down, but I would make large fires in parks and behind buildings.

    And when I was 13 my friends and I had a klepto stage. Kleptomania would maybe be an exaggeration, as it was probably the whole trying to be rebellious/"I'm a teenager, I don't give a fuck" stage. But we did steal hundreds of dollars worth of shit a day.

    I don't steal or cause random fires anymore, lol not worth the shit I'd get in considering I'm usually caught up in something illegal and drawing attention to myself with something stupid like a fire or petty theft isn't worth getting caught for whatever I'm doing.
  • McSkluvinMcSkluvin Regular
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    In about 5th grade I once followed a duck and it's ducklings, throwing rocks at them until I killed a couple. Then once it's mother had flown away I took the rest of the ducklings and threw them at the cement until they died. I still feel bad about this to this day, and I guess I did it because I wanted to try hunting or something.... :S
  • SHANE14SHANE14 Regular
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    Once killed a cat with a big ass chunk of concrete. I'll post back here when I'm sober... if I remember
  • TheWitchDoctorTheWitchDoctor Regular
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    In kindergarden we had class pets like mice, a chameleon, and some weird ass white thing with red gills. But anyways, the momma mouse had babies and when it was my turn to feed the mice and stuff I would play with the little pink mice babies. I thought they needed help getting to the water so I would put them in the water bowl and stuff like that. In kindergarden I also cut my hair in class a lot and cut holes in my shorts. At the time I said it was to cool my legs down or some shit. All my shorts had patches on them back then.

    Later on in life I tortured lizards :o:o a lot. Burning them, dissecting them, etc. Once I caught a bunch of little ones and stuck them all on a thorn bush.

    Also, once me and some friends tied some girls from our neighborhood to a tree so we could kiss them. :o
  • savages_vipersavages_viper Acolyte
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    i was over this kids house and kicked him down a flight of stairs and then stole his chewbacka star wars card while his mother was tending to him it ones one of those stairwells where its straight and t shaped he bounced off the wall hard i called it an accident lol
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    I've always had an affinity for 'dark' creatures like lizards, spiders, snakes and other insects and have never had the desire to harm them. I want things that experience fear and have hearts pumping blood.
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    Fuck I thought I was fucked.

    Touched Dicks
    Tried Touching my dick to someones ass.
    Stole girls hair.
    Stole toys.
    Beat a cat.
    Masturbated in beds and over pillows.

    Fuck I did some other weird ass shit as well. Nothing too extreme IMO but still, we're idiots when we're fucking kids.
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