Making Love to Cats as Told By Paco

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I have been talking to Paco a lot recently, he tells me everything and just yesterday on Teamspeak he shared his love for cats. According to him they're wonderful creations full of love and passion. They're cute and extremely flexible. He loves cats so much that he has a blog for it and his display picture shows his lovely kitten.

I told Paco about how I show my affection to cats, like hitting them from time to time and spitting on their privates and then rubbing them, to my surprise Paco wasn't impressed. According to him there are better ways to show your affection. The cats like getting played on but using my methods you don't get any satisfaction.

The key is the fur. Paco says that you don't need a lube if you're using the fur. The cat can be placed in different positions and then you can start rubbing your dick against there fur. The bells and the back legs are the most promising points. The soft fur gives you and amazing feeling. If you fucked a pillow before you will enjoy this sensation. The belly position is a bit difficult since cats don't enjoy getting up turned.

He told my that my method was incomplete in a way and so we both came up with a solid solution. It's basically a combo. You use my method to enforce control and get the cat horny and then you use Paco fur rubbing technique to get off to the cat. He says it works 100%. He calls it a furjob.

I am still amazed at this technique, I have been trying to get the cat to get inline but not everyone has a kitten that obeys your order. I guess Paco is just lucky.

For more questions please contact Paco.


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