Boy almost crushed by bookcase. — Totseans

Boy almost crushed by bookcase.

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Kid and his brother trying to do a little trick. Doesn't work out though

Fucking hilarious!


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    LOL, what do you mean by ALMOST crushed?! He was totally fully crushed by the bookcase :D It was awesome though, thanks for sharing that.
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    I thought it was hilarious when i first saw it but it sucks that it is fake.
  • RaggedOldManRaggedOldMan Regular
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    That was hilarious bro, nice find. This happened to one of my friends once, although not quite as bad. He was crushed when trying to climb up a bookcase while drunk :facepalm: Luckily there was a few of us there to help him up.
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    I seem to remember climbing up a bunch of shelves when I was younger, only to have them topple down on me, showering me with toys and all that other shit I used to have when I was a little nipper :D Good times.
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    I lol'd.
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