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As a feminist, I am bewildered at the amount of women that go through a labiaplasty simply for cosmetic reasons. Women shouldn't have to alter their body to fit social norms, and as many issues, the media is to blame. The media, and especially pornography. What's so attractive about having an infant's genitals? As women develop their labia changes in formation, size, all due to masturbation, sex and simply growth. It's a process; everyone's reproductive organs change in physical appearance and it's nothing to be ashamed (except for buku you're a fucking disgrace to spics). However pornography subtlety influences women and men into thinking that an ideal vagina is nicely tucked in without having your 'meat flaps' show. This distorted perception affects not only men into formulating a false image of a 'perfect vagina' but it also heavily affects women's self esteem and causes them to do irreversible damage to their parts. The labia, yes those wrinkly pieces of skin, are one of the most sensitive areas in a woman's reproductive organ, and women are having labiaplasties done to eliminate them.
Women, why do you have to impose these irrealistic guidelines upon yourself? Don't compare yourselves to others. You're individuals, unique, individually beautiful and you don't have to change for anyone. (doesn't apply to niggers, chinks, dunecoons, etc..) But seriously, don't do it.


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    Dude, shut up.
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    Negrophobe wrote: »
    Dude, shut up.

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    If you're not going to post anything relevant to the subject, then please don't post.
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    But seriously, don't do it.

    K, I won't.
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    Box is a chick?
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    Ive been hearing heaps about this lately and I'm fucking fed up of it! Many men get there foreskins cut off for equally stupid reasons, without consent! When they are fucking infants... Reducing the pleasure of sex but no one seems to give a fuck ( I couldn't care less myself) ... So if some dumb bitch wants to get sliced up let her and stop preaching about the fucking horror of it ... The Porn industry hire actresses who have nice vaginas because they're nice to look at not because they are trying to mold all woman into this perfect image ... Anyone who is so naive to think that they need surgery to get 'porn star quality' genitals deserves to have their genitals hideously deformed ... It's like me getting depressed and getting surgery because I don't have a 15 inch cock .....

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    I dont care what her vagina looks like, im usually just excited to be enjoying vagina at that moment.
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