I kill you all (again)

McSkluvinMcSkluvin Regular
edited October 2011 in Spurious Generalities
Some of you might remember that "choose you own adventure" game I made with spoiler tags a while back. Well I decided to make a new one using Javascript, here is the finished product:


I will make a second one that continues the first, but I don't know when... :o:thumbsup:


  • ThirdRockFromTheSunThirdRockFromTheSun <b style="color:blue;">Third<em style="color:pink;">Cock</em>FromThe<em style="color:brown;">Bum</em
    edited September 2011
    This looks pretty good. I'll definitely give it a try later when I'm not so busy :)
  • McSkluvinMcSkluvin Regular
    edited October 2011
    Just finished the second game, it's on the same page as the other one, and I know for a fact that none of you played the first one... >_<
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