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Inspired by white88enochian thread regarding MPCSTAR. I thought why not talk about various Media Players that I have personally used and adored. Keep in mind my audience in this thread is the movie buff's who love watching the movie in it's best quality if possible. I have tried VLC and other media players and I come to find there aren't many players that can give you the True Cinema Experience when it comes to video and audio.

System Specs:
Large LCD [Resolution 1920*1080]
Audio [ Stereo, 5.1, 7.1]
Windows 7

Systems specs doesn't matter here because only three things matter when it comes to watching movies. The size of your screen and the display resolution and the audio outputs. Obviously you can add the system specs here to match the requirements for media playback.

Before we go on, it's vital to understand that you will need to have a decent system that can playback HD or you should at least have 8000 Nvidia GFX (9000+ Preferred) or AMD 4000+ Series GPU (5000+ preferred). Having a GPU that can support DXVA playback takes the load of your processor and doesn't add a huge load on your system. Trust me, I have been running for HD playback since I had a PIII which I build myself using second hand components, so I know how vital is it to have a decent system.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema Edition
Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 Ultra Version

Now, you would be guessing why the hell I didn't include, VLC, Windows Media Player, Arcsoft and ton's of other programs? Well, it's simple, MPCHC coupled with Klite Codec Pack using FFDShow filters which can be configured up to 7.1 Surround sound. It also, has independent settings to play with. Sure you can use the same filters and other programs but I find it works best with MPCHC.

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    In short, media player classic is fucking boss. I use it for almost everything, other than managing my music library (which I use Winamp for). MPC FTW!
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    I quite like VLC player myself. Mostly I use GOM player, which is amazing media player that always sizes the video to full screen so its absolutely brilliant.
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    VLC and Media Player Classic are excellent in terms of usabilty and the range of files played (I've never had to fuck around searching for codecs for either). Both seem to correct out of sync audio files on shittly torrented films that are otherwise infuriating on the standard Windows Media Player.
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    VLC for it's small footprint and versatility.
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    you should check out xbmc for video and music and pictures you can even live boot it
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