How many council workers does it take to change a lightbulb?

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Homeowner Jack Doran was amazed at the number of council staff who tried to change a lightbulb in a broken street lamp near his house.
The 74-year-old reported the problem to authorities, who sent a repair team.
But the workers could not get to the junction box, which was surrounded by a hedge, so parks department staff came to cut the foliage. A third team was sent with a cherry picker, only to be thwarted by water leaking into the light.
This was followed by a policeman who checked the darkened road because of fears it was a security risk.
A worker then replaced the bulb – but it blew out because of a fuse problem.
The light finally worked on September 30, six weeks after the fault was reported.
‘There were at least 12 visits and I started to wonder what on earth had gone wrong,’ said Mr Doran, of Cheltenham.
Gloucestershire county council said: ‘We appreciate this repair has taken longer than usual. However, it wasn’t straightforward and needed several visits to ensure we sorted it out properly.’

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Major facepalm I think!


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