The Earth does not revole around the sun???

angryonionangryonion Just some guy
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I found this today and found it interesting.
What say you ?


  • jehsiboijehsiboi Kanga Rump Ranga
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    OMG that has changed my view on life ... oh wait no it hasn't ... this guy is wasting his intelligence in a bullshit field
  • Chris HansenChris Hansen Regular
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    Very interesting. This makes me question weather it would be ever practical to travel to another inhabited planet in space if we are already moving so fast per year.

    Also he drew a tit on the board.
  • chippychippy <b style="color:pink;">Global Moderator</b>
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    It's relative. If you look at the solar system in isolation, the earth revolves around the sun. If you look at the Universe as a whole, then the movement is different as he describes. I found the twisting of time space interesting though. I've not come across that before.
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    Thanks for posting it, things make a lot more sense now.
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