Face In Tumour: Testicular Growth Shocks Doctors After Ultrasound

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People see the strangest things in clouds and burnt toast, but this latest sighting can’t be topped: A face on a testicular tumour.
As reported by The Toronto Star, Canadian doctors were shocked when they looked at an ultrasound image of a testicular tumour (see image above).“It was very ghoulish, like a man screaming in pain,” Doctor Naji Touma, who works at Queen's Universityin Kingston, Ont., told The Star about the picture taken in 2009.

Dr. Touma and Greg Roberts wrote in their paper submitted to the journal Urology
that they saw a

“…man’s face staring up out of the image, his mouth agape as if the face seen on the ultrasound scan itself.”

When I see this pic I can only think of this


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