Anonymous Reveals IP Addresses Of Alleged Child Porn Viewers In Latest Sting

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I swear there is a new generation of idiots flooding the Onion sites, like the Silk Road etc. I don't condone Child Porn (and yes, I mod the porn forums here) but still, Anonymous seem to be taking this shitty moral high ground and potentially fucking up the TOR network with legit sites, by targetting and making it seem like 99% of the TOR network os kiddy poorn.
The hacker group Anonymous on Wednesday said it posted the IP addresses of 190 visitors of child pornography sites, marking its latest effort to remove digital pedophilia from the Internet.

In recent weeks, Anonymous, which has become infamous for disrupting the online operations of large corporations like Sony, has targeted child porn sites and their visitors in a mission dubbed "Operation Darknet."



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    The technical detail in the article is not sufficient to extrapolate anything about their technique but it appears to be some sort of cross-scripting attack.

    Generally when using Tor you should disable javascript, cookies and even images. You should also use a live-CD like tor tails.

    I hope they get the pedophiles, but it's probably tainted evidence now and it may potentially have compromised government investigations.

    Anon is not a hacker group. It is like calling a guy who smashes a door in a locksmith.
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  • DfgDfg Admin
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    ^I see what you did there

    What a bunch of morons, honestly they DON'T THINK!
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    Anonymous is a bunch of retards, and that's all I have to say on this matter. Derp we r leegun.
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    I have to agree that their methods aren't exactly the most conventional but at least they're hearts are in the right place. I just wish they'd try other means that don't fuck things for the rest of us. But honestly are any of you still using tor? I stopped using it because it slowed my connection drastically whether I eas using 3g or cable with little to no other users. If youre going to use a VPN you might as well pay to have one that is worth a damn.
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    ^ fuck yeah, TOR is awesome. Configure it correctly and the speeds are just fine broseph :thumbsup:
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    I'll have to discover these configurations then I suppose. I'll go back over your tor guides, I guess I missed something.
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    ^This sounds like a guide just waiting for Trx to write.
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    No need, SLIM already wrote one which I posted up onto the boards already. I dunno where it is though, try searching the CMS as I think it's on there.

    Basically, you just have to configure your own entry/exit nodes. Make sure you choose fast ones in countries like Japan, Ukraine etc. Or anywhere you want, as long as it's not in your own country and as long as no two nodes come from the same country (as you'd be much easier to trace).
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    I bet all those Anon hacker guys look at jailbait. :facepalm:
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