Oban fireworks all set off at once

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LOL! I wonder who will get the blame for this. Should have chatted to the Backyard Ballistics crew. Fucking hilarious. Would have deafened you though.
A technical hitch at the annual Oban bonfire night display set off thousands of pounds worth of fireworks within a minute.
The show, organised by Oban and Lorn Lions, was expected to last about half an hour and was to be accompanied by music.
After the unexpectedly short display, an announcement was made to inform the crowds that the fireworks were over.
Posters advertising the event had advised that the fireworks at Mossfield Stadium would start at 19:00 prompt on Friday and visitors had been asked to donate generously to help cover the costs.



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    Turns out the Company behind the failed fireworks show will give a free performance later this month. Can't say fairer than that.
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    ^ That's a pretty awesome refund! I heard about this and I was actually pretty gutted, fireworks are something I always like to watch and are often memorable events if they're particularly spectacular or loud. There were some fireworks going off for fucking HOURS right near where I live though, I actually have no idea how they afforded them all. They even had some left over and were setting them off at about 10am the next day!

    Mental, but a good sight.
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    I don't think the fireworks company had much choice. Next year who would use them if they didn't redeem themselves.
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    That sucks so much. That would be expensive as hell. I bet next year there is a price hike to compensate for the loss this year.
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    Yeah, must have been gutting for the company. Still, it still would have been cool to have been there as I've always wondered what it would be like to see all the fireworks go off at once and not only that, they get another firework display for free!
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