Western Black Rhino declared extinct

RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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Great, another species wiped from the face of the Earth. I hope conservationists kept some DNA in case they could ever recreate them.
No wild black rhinos remain in West Africa, according to the latest global assessment of threatened species.

The Red List, drawn up by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), has declared the subspecies extinct.

A subspecies of white rhino in central Africa is also listed as possibly extinct, the organisation says.



  • jehsiboijehsiboi Kanga Rump Ranga
    edited November 2011
    more space for humans i guess
  • Chris HansenChris Hansen Regular
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    Isnt that the chain of life? On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
  • juggjugg Regular
    edited November 2011
    Why does it always have to be the Black Rhinos?

    How come it can never be the white Rhinos?

    Fucking mother nature keeping the Black Rhino down.
  • BurnBurn Regular
    edited November 2011
    ^^ made me lol

    Are there any kept in captivity? I ask because the article states 'No wild black rhinos remain in the wild."
  • fagfag Regular
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    Maybe they are dead because they sucked ass at surviving. Now what little remains of their species is a novelty item for a more evolved species. Their fault for growing giant horns instead of brains. Fuck 'em, I say. C'est la vie.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Poachers fuck them up big time. Not surprising when most Poachers can't use a tranquiliser gun properly so the Rhinos bleed to death.
    Just sucks to lose another species. I know it's nothing new, but regardless of the fact I eat meat etc, I believe we should treat nature with as much respect as we hold for Humans (which I know, isn't much at times). But it's the principle.
  • RunScreamingRunScreaming Acolyte
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    I went to the Chinese medicine store on the corner and they said they were sold out of my favorite remedy. Imagine that.
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