Valve's online game service Steam hit by hackers

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Anyone who plays vis Stream knows how crap it can be, but you can't complain with free games like TF2 and the like. However it seems an almost copycat group of Anonymous (that's my assumption anyway) decided to access the Steam servers and get personal info/CC numbers of serious users. Maybe has something to do with the launch of Skyrim, the game that makes me think of licking asshole on a plane. What a name for a game, eh?
The Steam video game service, used by 35 million people, has been compromised by hackers.
Its owner and operator, Valve, uncovered an intrusion into a user database while investigating a security breach of its discussion forums.
The attackers used login details from the forum hack to access a database that held ID and credit card data.



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    Aye, this happened a few days ago and they're still being fairly unsure regarding what information actually got accessed. Keep an eye on your bank accounts, change your passwords (and make sure they're strong, duh) and just hope for the best. If your money starts disappearing then at least you know what's going on.
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    And that's why I don't trust these gaming platforms.
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    Dfg wrote:
    And that's why I don't trust these gaming platforms.

    Didn't you say you used steam?!? I'd be pissed ring them up and demand to know if you got doxed
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    Dfg uses Steam, yes. As with every online service, you can't TRUELY trust it. Even Totse - someone COULD break into our database and steal password hashes, just like in Steam's situation. You just gotta be smart about it, use a long password, don't give too much information to them etc. Hell, you don't even have to buy your games through Steam which would keep your credit card information safe.

    All we can do now is change passwords and email addresses, and hope for the best.
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    people seem quick to bash steam but its a service of convenience. They do the best they can and its a safe service regardless of this fuck up. There's not one alternative that does digital purchases better. And really this could happen anywhere online. I remember PayPal having security issues in the past.
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    Yeah, Steam is brilliant. I've been using it for many years and I've never witnessed any major problems like this one. It's just a fluke, and if anything, they're now even more secure after someone pointed out a vulnerability. They do a good job at keeping our shit secure and I'm quite happy to use their service even after this particular event.

    Steam FTW :D
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