i got eczema & neurological damage

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i quit drinking alcohol after an excessive 2 year binge of 1-2 40 oz of malt liquor from the time i woke up until before bedtime. (no lie).

i stopped drinking last month and two days later my face turned extremely patchy and then out of no where red scars started forming around my lips and cheeks... the shit's embarrassing... been using some cortisone for it but that shit sucks... i have an appointed next week with the dermatologist.

and to top it off -- my vision has been damaged... i can not see as far as i use to... i also have a hard time reading now... i have read to shit a few times over for it to finally click in to my head and now when i'm out in public -- everything feels weird... like i'm out of my body or something and everything seems to move around fast-paced... ugh... i should've checked myself because i for sure have wrecked myself.

i have an appointment with the neurologist next week... i hoping to get ct-scans to rule something out... i'm going in monday at the lab to get a variety of blood tests done.

yep yep.

i still plan on drinking in the future... but not the way i was doing it... probably a craft beer every now and then on a friday evening... ya know?


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    I wouldn't stress about it until you see the DR. I knew a man once who the doctors told him if he stopped drinking he would die. If you have drank like you said you did your body will need a few months to dry out. It will fuck your blood pressure up too.
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    I'm surprised you haven't had massive stomach cramps
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    Dude, that probably happened because you went from drinking what you drunk to not drinking at all. Couldn't you have eased off gradually to give your body a chance to adapt?
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    see I get eczema and shit vision when I DO drink
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