Games, .exe perferred. Using soley a mouse?

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Or can use on-screen keyboard with easily?

One's I would like to play regularly.

RPG's, Shooters, FPS maybe, Adventure, Crime.


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    The only one I can think of is Monkey Island 3 - a point and click adventure puzzle game which I couldn't get enough of when I was younger :D Not sure if you will find an .exe of it though. Why are you after executables anyway?
  • Hellz-FuryHellz-Fury Regular
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    I don't fancy browser shit, unless it is exceptional.

    I have no keyboard, this sucks.
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    Well you can get an ISO of it from a torrent, and you can get the 4th game too in similar fashion. I can't remember if you need a keyboard for that one though, and it's an ISO file. I honestly don't know of any games which are in a .exe file though, sorry.
  • Rumple ForeskinRumple Foreskin Regular
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    a lot of ripped games are in exe file already. or aio type game apps, sadly even most of those need a keyboard. I know you could play a lot of puzzle type games a la bejewelled.
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    every crappy flash game ever........
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