Theme Suggestions

edited November 2011 in Help and Suggestions
When you've sorted out the mess with the login system and whatever else is broken, can we choose a theme for the forum which matches the CMS / Index page, and stick to it? This place has seen enough theme changes during the past month to last a lifetime, and as soon as we've got a steady system in place then we can pick up where we left off. The reason I'm bringing this up is because;

A. There have been a lot of changes to the way this place looks. I understand that it's for the site overhaul but it shouldn't continue into the future as we should pick a theme and stick to it.
B. The BBS theme doesn't really match the color scheme of the CMS. I think we should get the two matching so the site feels like it's a single entity, not two parts (CMS, BBS) linked together.



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