American Horror Story

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My wife tricked me into watching this show. Anyone here watching. I know its going to end horribly. I don't see how if can be a running t.v. show without turning into shit. Its kinda of like Twin Peaks if you remember that nut buster...
American Horror Story revolves around the Harmons, a family of three who moved from Boston to Los Angeles as a means to reconcile past anguish. The all-star cast features Dylan McDermott as “Ben Harmon,” a psychiatrist; Connie Britton as “Vivien Harmon,” Ben’s wife; Taissa Farmiga as “Violet,” the Harmon’s teenage daughter; Jessica Lange in her first-ever regular series TV role as “Constance,” the Harmon’s neighbor; Evan Peters plays “Tate Langdon,” one of Ben’s patients; and Denis O’Hare as “Larry Harvey.” Guest stars for the series include Frances Conroy as the Harmon’s housekeeper; Alexandra Breckenridge as the Harmon’s housekeeper; and Jamie Brewer as Constance’s daughter.
The pilot episode of American Horror Story, shot in Los Angeles, was written by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, and it was directed by Murphy. In addition to Murphy and Falchuk, Dante Di Loreto will also serve as Executive Producer of the series.


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    twin peaks is awesome ...
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    i have been enjoying it so far. I have watched the first two episodes and Im about to watch the third tonight. So far the show hasnt been scary, but it does keep you intrigued and its intense. It probably will end terribly but I like the concept of a horror themed weekly tv show.
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    I just started watching and am all caught up to catch it on live tv. Personally I love the show, it blends cheesy and creepy very well. It is a little far fetched and as the OP stated I don't know how it will end, the writers may have wrote themselves in to a corner, still I really like it
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    I have liked it so far but I keep forgetting its a series, and not a mini series. I don't know how they will be to keep it going for an extended amount of time. I still enjoy watching though.
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    A friend of mine keeps going on about "An American Horror story", but I think I'll stick to the Walking Dead. Will check it out but for some reason, got low hopes.
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    Watched one episode thinking it would be series of horror stories and each episode will deal with one, I think it was the Halloween one. I downloaded the other episodes but didn't watch them yet.
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