Restrained "Rape" (True- Happened 2 weeks ago)

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Restrained "Rape"

My own memorable story..

i pin my girl on the bed...and tie her legs wide apart with knees up. Her hands tied above her head..She is completely naked and rendered helpless. I secure a blindfold, one that can’t be removed or loosened. Then, I tell her I must go out and will return an hour. She shrieks and pleads for me not to leave her in the house alone especially naked and helpless..I put a hand on her ass and say "Chill sweets".

I close the front door behind me and she hears the car start with a few loud revs and I speed out of driveway and up the street. By foot, I return quietly 1 min later...I open the front door and move to where she lay. She can hear something and begins to panic and calls out my name! I don’t reply. I move to the TV and increase the volume much higher to seed in her mind the idea that I’m an intruder whose about to do something very wrong... She begins to think the worst...She makes attempts to pull off blindfold but not possible.

Still, she may not be 100% insecure, perhaps a part of her thinks it’s I think for a minute.. I don’t smoke and she knows I never drink whisky, so I go out the back and light a cig and gargle Johnny Walker for a few minutes. Before I return I have several shots of 35% alcohol.
I take a look at her and feel her tension. It arouses me..Her legs spread as wide as possible with knees on either side of her buoyant fleshy round breasts (168cm, 52kg). Her pussy and anus both staring at me begging to be fucked! I make my presence felt by moving around the room and open drawers and cupboards as if looking to steal. She cries out: "get out! There are cameras all over the house!!" I almost give away my identity with a laugh..there are none...ok so far so good..By now 5min have passed from the time i returned and things are just beginning to get interesting...
I put one knee on the bed…it makes her flinch..she tries to withdraw but cant, her body tenses involuntarily in anticipation.. I smell of alcohol and cigarettes.. I move close to her mouth so she can smell worked… she cries out and attempts to scream but her sense of fear grips her voice in ways I thought not possible. She is scared I can see it and hear it in her voice..I take off my jeans and throw them close to her head. I go to her smells sweet and I put my mouth over it and tongue her.

“PLEASE stop it, don’t do this” she pleads.

I avoid touching her in ways that would give me away.. but there are some things I just could not resist.. I lick her pussy from top to bottom and partially slip my tongue into her crack..She tastes so good..that saltiness is like a fingerprint for each woman. I bring myself further up so our hips are now touching.. My nuts are screwed to my shaft, my dick as hard as a flag pole. I tease the entrance to vagina with my cock. She flinches again and starts to cry,

“please, please stop it!”.

Instinct almost takes over and I pause. I should fuck her in a way that will throw off her sense of familiarity. So I change the order and mix things up differently. I push it further, and in one forceful stroke I plunge my dick deep inside her. She makes a sound at point of impact. I start to fuck her rhythmically. Each time I thrust our hips make a clapping sound.

She starts to cry and says, “my boyfriend will KILL YOU!”

She pulls on the arm restraints and her hands form fists. I fuck her harder, deeper and use force that I’d normally not use, almost violent. The bed rocks with each thrust and the springs squeal like a pig. I fuck her like this for the next 15 min…she doesn’t make a sound yet her body muscles seem less tense. I’m closing in on my orgasm so I pull out fast…this aint over yet!

Not sure how to interpret what happens next, I go down to her pussy and it's dripping wet. My girl is in a state of sexual high lol. I plough into it with my tongue and taste all I can. My right middle finger touches the entrance to her butt hole – its wet from the juices of her slides passed the first knuckle,

“NO!” she says. I ignore her.

I take it down to the third knuckle as she wriggles her ass in protest. I feel the thin wall that separates her rectum and vagina. To my surprise I feel something solid deep in her ass…DAM I almost laugh it’s her shit. Well that excludes butt fucking her, don’t wanna make a mess of my own bed lol. I pull out my finger and mount her once again. As I fuck her this time I take a moment to watch her body move beneath me. I notice her hands are now fully open with fingers spread out straight; her toes are curled inwards on one foot while the other has its toes spread out and upwards; her nipples erect; sweat forms between her breasts; her mouth open breathing fast.. I’m beginning to think she’s enjoying it even though its rape in her mind. She yells out with exasperation to which I respond by fucking her hard until I sense my nuts are about to explode. I came so much I must have filled her entire vaginal cavity, with some spilling out. I dismount and lie on the bed beside her. I reach out to her blindfold and slip it off her head…In the first few moments her eyes as big as golf balls take in visually all she can, everything seems a blur and I’m right in front of her. In the next second she realises who I am and releases a massive sigh of relief and yells out,

“OHH MYYY GOD!!!!!”.

I figured this wouldnt work twice so I made sure the first time was as real as I could make it..

Later she said it was the most exciting, charged, invasive, galvanised, terrifying, traumatic, scary, mind numbing experience she has ever had. Although she confirms that it would not have been described as such if it wasn’t me..


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    we're not worthy we're not worthy
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    Fucking incredible story.

    Before anyone gives it a TL;DR, actually read it - you'll love it. Quite a hilariously brilliant plan, actually. I think my girlfriend would actually kill me if I attempted something like this though, hahaha.
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    Awesome stuff there, racer. I swear I have heard a similar thing online though. maybe it's just something people do as a fantasy.
    Wish I had a girl that was into bondage. Got all the ropes etc, but my ex raised the bar so high for sex that nothing short of pain and domination gets me off anymore. If anything the missionary position to me is blasphemy. Boring!

    Also loving the decision not to fuck her arse. That has been one of my fears. To me, girls don't shit. Did anal once with one of my exes, and the smell was not too nice.
    Needless to say, and this is for Dfg after he told me about having to edit a 25 minute segment of ass-fingering, it's good that we don't have smell-o-vision yet.
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    Im glad you liked it guys. I've been toying with this idea for some months and finally got the courage to do it with my gf. Raising the spectre of something shocking or unexpected will happen makes my gf more turned on. Its who she is or maybe thats the case with most girls. This has been a fantasy of mine for some time even with my previous gf but she was a bit insular or unwilling to push her own boundaries. Soon after i met my current gf we openly discussed our sexual fantasies, altho this was hard at first bec she is the shy shy. She is shy with her body, yet she is a stunning size 8 with tits and hips to die for..go figure! One of her fantasies was having passionate sex with a stranger to which i rasied an eyebrow. Since then she hasnt re-admitted it but i dont forget. This led me to believe she would perhaps enjoy this restrained experience. And she did!

    I wanted to discuss my fantasy with her but it would have turned out differently if i had. I think women's fantasies are very different to our (us guys) own. We just have to tap into their mysterious feminine minds to unlock a pandora's box. I once read a survey on sexual fantasies and for women, most fantasise the prospect of having sex with a complete stranger, whether it be from a nightclub or private party. Interesting i thought.
    I also read that alot of women have "rape fantasies", see the link below:

    The beginning of this article states: "Rape or near rape fantasies are surprisingly common"

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    I'm going to try it tonight, but how can I tie her legs? Hands I can do with cuffs , but no clue about legs? I might get a sleeping blind fold thing to cover her eyes.. Think I'll have to stop by the sex shop to buy these things after work mwhahahahhaha hope theirs tears, and she doesnt kill me afterwards
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