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This is a continually growing archive of the many guides and text-files and other interesting threads that Totse has to offer in Better Living Through Chemistry.
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Guidelines for using BLTC
Poster requested suggestions.
fr0st_Byte's rapid micro CWE method
The Great DXM Thread.
How to make a sploof
How to Live Better Through Chemistry
The OxyContin Thread
Purchasing "legal highs" on the internet - studies
The all-inclusive MDMA thread
Can someone list all legal highs?
Cannabis in Corn
The effects of Nitric Oxide on endogenous dopamine
Drugs Inc.
Obtaining and cultivation Papaver Somniferum (aka opium poppies) from seed
SolverT's Cold Water Extraction Of HBWR
Health Benefits of Vaporizing over Smoking
Marijuana Vaporization Study
PCP thread: part totse
Dokha (A sort of middle eastern tobacco)


Quick DMT tek (From materials to trip in 4 hours)
Growing outdoors this year?
How to Grow Cannabis Outdoors
Making a bubble out of household items.
Why Alcohol Makes You Pee More
Cooking with hash
Recover from a "whitey" or "greenie" after smoking too much.
How to make jenkem
Make a Shottie


Methamphetamine Manufacturing
How to make medicinal hemp oil
Cook dope like a redneck.
Drink DXM syrup and not puke
Roll a cross joint
Make a Gravity Bong
Make a Home made bong.
Dry, Cure, and Flavor your Weed!
How to avoid a bad trip, and hopefully stop one once started.
Ingest Pills Intravenously
Hot Railing & Hot Knifing
Freebasing for noobs.
MAek Ur OwN AbSiNtHe


Psilocybin Mushrooms trip report.
For everyone that has wondered what its like to abuse Bupropian (Wellbutrin)


Harm Reduction: Common misconception about 'cotton fever'
Leading a Better Life Through Chemistry (a subjective view of drugs)
Should LSD be legal to use in a clinical setting? I think so.
Deregulating Drug Use an anarchist perspective
Text-File: LSD and the frontal cortex


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