Lets get something named after Totse.

PacoPaco me administrator
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I don't know how many of you play the game League of Legends, but I think this is potentially awesome.


With their referal system, If I get 1000 people to use my referal link, I can get something named after me in-game. (Ex:Maybe there is a new map released that has a "Temple of the Screaming Electron" or something like that.)

And if we get 10,000 I get to design my own character for the game. Like, Duke Franci Geoff - The preist of the screaming election, for some shit like that.

I bet if we really try we could at least pull off the first one.


Sadly, you can't just sign up and walk away, it says "Your friend must play and get to Summoner Level five." so you'd have to play like 5-6 games to level up a few times.


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