Ever had those "feel like a boss" days?

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After staying in all day, up to about 3pm, I decided to go to town. As we all know, well except Dfg, it's the xmas season and as I live in a city, it's fucking packed (and rather small). Coming from someone who grew up in London, this was something.

Anyway, as I was walking halfway down I realised I had not had any Tramadol or smokes in 24 hours. The withdrawals were mostly kicking in from the Tramadol and I felt like I was floating. Shit was good, people were there, but hey. That's life.
As I hit the High Street i put the iPod onto shuffle and on came Lamb of God "Kick to the Throat". Not my cuppa, but it went well, but with the noise I could barely hear it. Up came some Christian Street Healers and after telling them to go away, and failing, I showed them the album artwork on my iPod and the actually left me alone.


On the way back after getting some soup and sweets, I saw some middle class kids get cautioned "only for smoking the sticky icky, yah!" which was hilarious, so I stood there laughing and eating Nerds. They were a lot like this:

My City is full of those sorts, as well as out-of-towners, exactly like that. It was an awesome, fulfilling sight.

+1 there, too.

And on the way back with a heavy bag and sweating my bollocks off, I saw a friend of my ex girlfriends, who has a huge gob. Anyway, I beat her to it and basically sang along to some tunes on my iPod (Eksman drum n bass) and told her how awesome life is. In short - I felt like there was a barrier between us and I was on top of the world, giving this bitch a righteous dressing down.

+ 1 there.

So, ever get those days? Or are we the sort who doesn't seek awesomeness? ;)


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    If I ever met a person who was really like the character that guy was playing in the video I would be duty bound to pinch their head from their neck of like a grape.
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    Would of been a plus 10 if u banged ex's friend. Nothing beats the feeling of revenge with a cock
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