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So was at the mrs joint the other day and after arguing for a good hour she tells me she wants to surprise me.... She runs upstairs and tells me to put some music on my phone.*

A little while later she comes down wearing black 2 inch slut heels, *red g string, and a white buttoned shirt. She starts stripping and dancing to the music, it was a little shit but 10 points to effort... Actually 8, 8 points for effort.*

Anyway shes stripping down to butt naked only her thin g on, when the music finishes, she tells me to pick a song and give her something in return. So I flick through my phone for my dedication song to this relationship .... Ramstein- ti quero puta. **

This was the first time we have fuked to metal with this girl so I had to take it slow. Surprisingly she started getting ruff and it just escalated into a mini rap scenario. she was pushing me off and trying to dominate me, In the end she was telling me to go fuk myself *and I fuck her like a girl, lol dunno what that means but the next thing I know my hand goes up and swings across her face as I'm slamming her into the pillow.*

It was weird as fuck because yes I have had ruff sex before but I have never before slapped or hit a woman. I must admit that it was preety kinky! I think she loved it more than me and by the end of it she was yelling out the safe word as I was coming..... Thank god hahah

I think to find out if ur girls into this kind of shit start off slow first by holding her face then pulling hair then holding onto the back of the neck, front neck then the slap. This happens over a long period of time or u could skip that time and try it right off the bat, but u might get locked up.

let me know how u go or do u have experiences to add.

Please understand that I in no way condone rape or physical harm. This was done to a girl that I had strong feelings for and cared about.


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    hasanmusta wrote: »
    thnx for sharing great job +rep

    So are you a reseller for burst.net?
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    Jacked wrote: »
    Surprisingly she started getting ruff and it just escalated into a mini rap scenario.

    lol I thought you guys were listening to metal. ;)

    In all seriousness though; you should be careful. Soon she might try convincing you to let her sit on your face, then she'll try to get you to suck her vibrating strap-on with her finger up your arse. :eek:
    Okay, maybe that wasn't completely serious. :)
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    Rough sex is always good. It's the only thing that gets me off to be fair. Genuinely can't keep it up if it's the boring, regular routine.
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    "Fuck me harder, pull my hair....rip it out and bite my nipples till they bleed" Is about as rough as it's ever gotten for me. :(
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    bornkiller wrote: »
    "Fuck me harder, pull my hair....rip it out and bite my nipples till they bleed" Is about as rough as it's ever gotten for me. :(

    Blood, nice. Feels weird typing this at my Nan's lol.
    My ex often asked me to slap her and I'd stuff objects inside her, tie her up etc and do a ton of drugs. Man I miss those days. Well, the crazy sex anyway. Drugs don't bother me now.
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    Wow, now I want to try this. I don't get excited but I can see how amazing this routine would be :D
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    Believe me, it's hot as hell. I'm not a fan of girls (explains why maybe I go for girls that look like guys) so tying them up and going somewhat American Psycho on them gets my rocks off. I can't get it up otherwise.
    It's all good and well doing extreme BDSM stuff, but you soon become accustomed to it and before you know it, regular porn just never does it for you.

    Talking of which, with all the money they have and my fapping needs, why don't Mexican Cartels or Warlords have HD cameras so i can get my rocks off?
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    Speaking of Mexicans I fucked this FOB columbian on the beach the other week, I don't think you can beat a good fuk with no condom on a public beach at 3am! Seen this girl 3 times and she knows how much i like Spanish...... She pulled off the words papi and rico during sex that totally made me blow my load hard!!!

    Ps: broke up with the mrs from op , she still calls and messages.... Ahhh.... The hunger of the cock
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