DYI: Altoids Survival Stove

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We did something like sort of like this (same basice principle) on News Years Eve 1980-1981 @ Ft. Stewart, GA. Myself and another PFC got stuck on guard duty at the motor pool. So that day we stole a case of C-Rations from the supply room so we had snacks for the night. Not wanting to eat them cold we opened a few cans, rolled up some strips of cardboard about the same width as the cans depth, went out into the yard and drained some brake fluid out of a deuce & half, took the lids and folded the cut off can lids into U shapes. and set them on top of the cans with the cardboard & brake fluid sort of like so.

Of course that is a quick and dirty filed construction what this guy shows in the video looks to be a much better design in that it is more compact, transportable, and the fuel source is cleaner and much less messy.


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    Very nice! I actually have an Altoids mini survival kit in my everyday carry bag. I get weird looks but it's nice and compact (much like most other things, when I choose to show them off).

    Might give this a shot. Altoids aren't as popular in the UK but you can source them. I always thought of the can stove idea, but if I can keep straight Altoids then all the better :)
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    This is a very good thread. If you are a survivalist, follow this.
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