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As some of you know I for a Mazda dealership,I get all the really fucked up shit.
On friday I was presented with a new CX-5 Skyactiv that would stall and die everytime the right side blinker was turned on.
The car was not NEW NEW it had 2500 miles on it, the instrument cluster was lit up like a Christmas tree everylight was on.
So a simple self test and I got every network code there is.These cars have THREE networks.
After 2 hours of testing circuts and verifing all the magor modules were working I called the tech support.I'm talking to the tech line guy and the service writer pipes up and says oh ya this all started after he got the car back from the body shop:facepalm:
The body shop did a real nice job I didn't see that work had been done untill I started looking for it.They replaced the right front fender and the front frame rail on that side.
They painted everything before assembly,that insulated the fender from the rest of the car.
Guess what? the fender is a magor ground point, every cpu that grounds on that fender went dark under a load.125 ohms resistance.
So rather than removing the fender and cleaning the contact points I ran two ground wires/problem solved.
This why I drink lots of vodka:D


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    Speaking of new car tech, a mechanic charged my friend $100 to reprogram a new wireless key for his '99 camry.

    I have a sneaking suspicions it was 99% profit. I wonder if you can do them yourself...
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    I'm not sure about Toyota's but I know Fords and Mazdas.The equipment involved is about 14k to start,the profit does not start untill the overhead is paid off.
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